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Friday Penguins are working for the weekend! (Read 187 times)

Jack K.

uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

    Hi Pens:


    D2: Good luck in the race. I will look forward to a RR from you.  I also like some karaoke; Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash are my specialties. Smile


    Bin: Catch up on some sleep!


    Doc: I hope you aren't too busy and treadmills aren't so bad.


    T-Rod: I hope you can meet up with Scotty.  It sounds like the FEs are pretty fun.


    Tweaky: SRDs are nice!


    Scotty: Welcome home!


    Bill: Keep going and you soon feel young, slim, and awake!


    Docket: More travel?!  LUCKY!!


    Len: Just don't go "too" easy! Smile


    As for me, I have an SRD today. I am supposed to run a 5k tomorrow but it is raining now and the course is likely very muddy. It is also 70% chance of rain tomorrow so I don't know what will happen. I think they will use the alternate course; shorter, more asphalt, one hill.  Also tomorrow, my band is playing a big thing and we are expecting about 200 people. That will be fun, but it will be a long day; up at 5:30 for the race, younger DD swim meet (Sat. and Sun), band plays from 8-12.  I will try to check in tomorrow.  


    Have a great day.


    Miles to Go

      Happy Friday Penguins.  Another good running day here.  DW is questionable (for running today).   UPS is on way with more winter gear from Runningwarehouse (yes, more tights).


      Hi Brenda and Bill!!!


      Good luck to the weekend racers. !!!

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        Morning!  Sorry I didn't check in yesterday.  Morning meeting, then running club after work.


        I had a nice run with a woman who had just completed the Seattle marathon last weekend.  It was good to get a chance to talk to her!  Since my running week ends on Friday, I've now completed my first 5-day week with a total of 29.2 miles, the most so far!  Going for 30 next week!


        Good luck to all the racers this week!  Damaris, Dave, Jack, Scotty, and maybe Tomas!  I'll be rooting for you!


        Jerry- Enjoy the new tights!

        Singer who doesn't run.

          Morning, Penguins!!  I decided to take an SRD today.  With tai chi and then choir practice, and then chorus last night, I haven't been able to ice my knee for a couple of days, and both tai chi and chorus are a little hard on it, so it was a tad twingy this morning.  I did ice during breakfast (BRRR!!!), but figured I'd just chill today.  So glad it's Friday!!

          Gustav -- I'm kinda jealous of your karaoke!  I love to sing, but can't seem to stay awake much past 9 pm.  Guess I'll stick with choir and chorus.

          D2 -- Rock that race tomorrow!!

          Bin -- glad your shift is over!!

          Doc -- enjoy your SRD!!  And try to enjoy the dreadmill too ...

          T-rod -- nice running!  Enjoy SeaWorld!!

          Tweaky -- enjoy your RD!!

          Scottydog -- that does sound like a nice running evening!!

          Bill -- hey, at least you got out there and ran!

          Lenard -- have a good couple of miles!!

          Docket -- good luck getting everything done!!

          Jack -- sounds like a busy day, good luck with everything!!

          Jerryb --woo-hoo, another tights picture!!

          Zelanie -- sounds like some good running!!

          When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.

          Bad Ass

            It's sad how the RWOL penguins died. Hope's Mom is picking up strays and I think we are all here. Sad but this new beginning is very nice too.



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

            Singer who doesn't run.

              I posted over there today that I was the sweeper bus.  Get on today, because it's your last chance!  I do think we've moved everybody over, though.  Woo-hoo!

              When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.

                Gustav, are you sore after that workout?


                Dave, can't wait to hear about it.


                Bin, 12 hour shifts suck, I've worked them for over 20 years, but been on 8 hour shifts for last 1 year.


                Liz, TM is better than 0's. I hope you have an easy weekend.


                Tomas, nice workout, 2 100 mile months, I remember whan I hit that milestone.


                Brenda, enjoy your RD.


                The Dawg, I'm so glad you found us. For a minute there, I felt like I was gonna have to call out the search party.


                Bill, no worries, at soon to be 52, I feel old, fat and tired too.


                Lenard, enjoy your easy miles after work.


                Damaris, safe travels to you!


                Jack, sounds like a mud run shaping up.


                Jerry, hope your wife feels better.


                Zelanie, yay for 5 days, 30 is just around the next corner.


                Hope's, thanks for being the sweeper. I've checked over there a little, but it's fading to near nothing. No need in going back, right?


                AFM, just finished some oatmeal and sipping some coffee while reading and typing(I mean pecking). I am heading out for my 6.8 mile loop, and if all feels well, I may stretch it out a little.

                From the Internet.

                  Good morning colony!

                  SRD for me. Was thinking about weights later tonight but I think I'll put it off until tomorrow. My lower legs feel trashed from recent workouts and I think they need a day to recover - I incorporated some new strength/flexibility exercises into my routine that are recruiting muscles that haven't worked this hard in years, maybe ever. Good thing in the long term, but sore for today.


                  Gustav - sounds like it was a fun few days Smile Karaoke was my thing for a while - I'd drive around the state (very small state) and sing 3-4x/week back when I didn't have responsibilities.


                  Nice job on the miles, Zelanie!


                  Jerry, I love RunningWarehouse! Big grin New tights here this week too and I'm expecting a Brooks hoodie to arrive next week, I should be all set until the spring thaw!


                    No run today for me.  Was having a family issue, and stuck around the house.  I think my legs may be glad though.


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                    Skirt Runner

                      Don't have time for personals just checking in quick before driving down to Delaware. Took the day off work today to drive down for my friend's wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight, and wedding tomorrow (I'm a bridesmaid). After an epically sad night last night of watching my favorite college football team (Rutgers) lose a HUGE game blowing a lead and throwing an interception in the last minute, I got to sleep in a bit this morning, and the go on my long run for the week since I'm not sure I will have a chance to run in DE. Resting he previous two days was probably for the best because I felt much better this morning and so did my legs. Just got back from 5.5 miles and it felt GREAT! Now, off to DE! Have a great day penguins!

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                        Hogforlife - no I'm not really sore at all, just a tad in my upper back. Since I can't run I do the weight machines. I think there are about 18 that I did . I just started Monday with 1 set x 12 reps. Yesterday I did 2 sets x 12 reps. Tomorrow I will add weight to the second set.

                        I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

                          Happy Friday! I'm doing a happy dance over here. One more shift and then it's the weekend!! My three-year-old told me he really misses me when I'm at work and he is very happy tomorrow is a "no work day". Me too, kiddo, me too.


                          Anyway, SRD for me. I just popped in to say GOOD LUCK to the people racing this weekend!


                          Miles to Go

                            Did have a solo run after all.  5.5 miles @ 9.14 ?????  Doesn't sound right, but I double checked mileage. 

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                            Singer who doesn't run.

                              I think DH grabbed the wrong tupper from the fridge when he packed my lunch.  I have 3 slabs of chicken.

                              When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.

                              Singer who doesn't run.

                                And in other news, I just got reminded that I have to give a presentation to a class in 2 hours.  Luckily I gave this same presentation a year ago ... now where is that file ...

                                When it's all said and done, no one remembers how far we have run.  The only thing that matters is how we have loved.