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November miles! Whatcha got??? POST EM! (Read 268 times)


levitation specialist

    A PR high of 146 miles ran for meSmile Yay!

    Bad Ass

      A PR high of 146 miles ran for meSmile Yay!


      Only 162.84 for me, which is low, but I'm happy with the races I've done this month and how my recovery and progress has gone.



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        210.9 miles, new PR. 


        Every month I've been running has a been a PR, wonder how long I can keep that up lol  At least one more, 250+ or bust for December.  Big grin


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        delicate flower

          Congrats on the PR's Babytoes and Dave!  PR for me as well, by about 30 miles.  Tonight's run will put me around 245 for the month.  My most elevation gain too. 



            Congrats on all the PRs - y'all totally ROCK!!


            With my 5K tonight, I'll have 135.73 for the month.    It's not a PR for me, but it is my 2nd highest total for the year.    If only my knee hadn't decided to act up.....    But 135 miles is better than 0 miles so I'll take it!

            But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


              340 after I run tonight, a PB for me!

                Apparently way too many according to my foot this morning. 


                Congrats those of you who PR'ed the month!  Smile

                Boss of the Mangoes

                  128.9 for me.  Not a PR month but within 7 miles of it.  Next month...


                  Congrats to all you PR runners!  : )

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                        Woah, nice job on all the PRs for the month!


                        84.49 miles for me.


                          I think I did around 30-35 miles this month.  Don't know for sure because I've been trying to focus more on time and less on miles while I nurse a few nagging injuries. 


                            Worst month evah. Well, not mileage wise (but close!) but as far as scheduled miles vs actual miles. I was sick, sick and more sick and racked up the URDs.  12 RDs Sad


                            Anyway, I got 168 out of a scheduled 250 mile month. Grrrr.



                            Bless your heart.

                              I'll hit 140 tonight. For me, not awesome.....but not bad either.


                              Definitely grats to all the mileage PR's! You guys are rocking it.


                              Don't call me Buttercup!

                                12 whole miles.  Lowest month since my first month of running.  =(

                                Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to!