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November miles! Whatcha got??? POST EM! (Read 268 times)


Chief Unicorn Officer


    Mile 5:49 - 5K 19:58 - 10K 43:06 - HM 1:36:54


    Not a dude

      78.something - definitely less than I wanted, but I finished my first HM and got a 5k PR this month, so I can't be too upset about it.


        61.4 miles.


        Second highest ever, behind July's 68, but it was supposed to be highest ever at 70+.  Fell and skinned both knees last Sun, however, and skipped  my first two runs this week.  It was a cutback week anyway, but it still makes me mad.  Never shoulda run on the sidewalk.


        Squidward Bike Rider

          Once I post this morning's run...180.7...another monthly PR for the year.  Cool

          Refurbished Hip

            13.1 at Rails to Trails HM back on November 4th.  That was my last hurrah.  Pretty sure this is my lowest month ever in my entire running career.

            Not quite right

              At 78.45  right now plan to run 3 or 4 this evening so will put me over 80 it's a PR for me and moves me closer to my goal 


                Got in 79 miles. Not my highest nor my lowest monthly total. This was a great month though. I was able to accomplished some important 2012 goals. Big grin

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                  58 for me! I am pleased with it considering this is my 3rd full month of running!

                  Completed my first half marathon 2:09:04!!!

                    Some killer PR numbers there, guys & gals!


                    For me this has been a really slow recovery month since the IMM ... and after tonight's planned 8 I'll still be at below 130 for November. 

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                    Jess runs for bacon

                      If my run goes well tonight, 59.4. A new PR for me (and a low week for Heidi, hah!)




                        55.8 - the least since I've started my log 5 years ago and what would have been an average to good week this summer. Of course, that also included basically 18 straight rest days due to injury, and I had never taken more than 5 consecutive days off before.

                        Looking to be back around 120-150 for December.

                          122.47, pretty solid for me. I hope to ramp up for December and January as I start a training cycle next week.

                          From the Internet.

                            49, and I'm finally back to about the same weekly mileage I was at before I was stricken with a bout of shin splints Big grin Hoping it'll be monthly mileage PRs from here on out!


                              176, I was hoping for a bit more, but ended up not running today.  I guess that's what tomorrows are for.


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                              Team TJ

                                A miserable 48 for me.  I have a sore foot to thank for the low total.  It feels good today.  I will get December started off with a 5K.

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