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Ringing In Spring 5K with my daughter - her first race EVER (Read 83 times)


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    DD has decided to give this running thing a try this year.  She is in 6th grade and is participating in track for the first time.  What is funny is I have tried to get her to try running with me a few times and she basically has said NO.FLIPPING.WAY!!!!!!!


    So I was quite surprised when she said she wanted to give track a try this year.  I wasn't planning to race this race this weekend since I have my first of many marathons for 2013 next weekend but on a whim I asked DD if she was interested in it.


    DD:  Ummm, maybe  . . .

    Me:  Are you sure?  I'll sign us up tonight then.

    DD:  You are gonna run off and leave me during the race aren't you?

    Me:  No sweetie, I will stay with you the whole way.

    DD:  No you won't

    Me:  I promise!  I will be right there with you the whole way

    DD:  OK.


    So off I went and got us registered.


    Race morning I am feeling good but DD wakes up with a sore throat but we decide to go anyways.  HUGE turnout for this race, 5K had almost 1300 finishers plus they had a 10K at the same time as well so we went a bit early to get parking.  Parking was a breeze and since it was at the local Y we went inside to wait for the race to start and kill 45 minutes.  Temps were upper 40s and windy so it was nice to wait inside.


    We go get lined up and just kinda wander up there and find a clear spot to stand and wait.  Oops a bit too far forward as I wasn't positive exactly where the starting line was.  Come on sweetie we have to move back we are too far up but she wasn't having that and asked why?  Because we are gonna get run over, I said.  Still didn't want to move back (Yeah we gotta work on that part) so I at least told her we are gonna move all the way over to the side and stay by the side for now.


    Normal race start pleasantries and then the bell rings and we are off.  DD is doing good, just have to work on a few form things with her but she looked like she is having a good time.  "This is too fast dad."  No worries we will just slow down some.  "My throat hurts and I am having trouble breathing dad."  No worries, if we have to walk then we will walk, no big deal.  So now we are walking as she catches her breath and lets her throat settle down.


    So that is how the race went, walk a lot, run a little since she was not feeling well.  Like I said, no big deal.  This was her first race and I was just along for the ride on this one.  My sole purpose for the race was to support her and cheer her on.


    Coming up to the end and now we see Mrs V.  Alright we gotta pick it up so mom can get a running picture and off we went and we kept it up and passed a big group just before crossing the mat.  I let her go out ahead of me to insure she beat me but she stopped and waited for me to make those 2 strides we were apart so she could hold my hand as we crossed the finish together.


    DD finish time:  51:42.2

    My finish time:  51:42.6


    She beat me by 0.4 seconds.  So very proud of her.

      ehawas wha a great day with your DD. so cool she waited to take your hand to cross the finish.

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        This is an awesome RR.  Congrats to you and your daughter!   May this be the start of more races for her Smile



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            Aww this is AWESOME! Love it and love that she is getting into running! Great pic!

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              Nice job to both.  And nice pics!



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                Awesome indeed!!!


                slowing down as frequently as she wanted will ensure that she will do another.  She'll want a second chance for not feeling well this time, for sure.


                i wish either of my dd,s would but its not for everybody and I respect that too.



                  Thanks for sharing such a wonderful RR.  Congratulations to your daughter - may this be the first of many great races for her!



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                    That's awesome that your DDs has found an interest in running. My daughter is only 3 but I will let her out of the stroller on our way back home after I have finished my run and she will run/walk the whole way back home. Usually about 1/2 a mile or so.


                    Mrs. V... that brings me back to the days of my childhood. We had a teacher who we called Ms V. Her last name was Valenzuela (doubt that is spelt right).

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                      That's awesome! I love the pic. Smile

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                        You are such a good dad!!! Thanks for sharing with us!  (Though this post totally ruins your tough guy street cred... Buttercup. Big grin LOL)

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                          Very nice.  She is in 6th grade and is almost as tall as you!  Cool



                            Congratulations to little MissV! Her first race, how awesome! You are a great influence on your DD, Doug, and an excellent father. She will learn a lot from you in the coming year. It was so important that she enjoyed her first racing experience, you helped her achieve that. Great job! And great picture of the two of you, she looks much older than a 6th grader! Good luck to you next weekend!

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                              That was a really nice RR - it brightened my Monday!

                              I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!



                                Good for her.