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The sexiest female celebrity is... (Read 645 times)


    Charlize Theron.



    Now you know.  

    Do you even run?

      Excellent choice. Big grin


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        My pick for most beautiful woman EVER is a model, Bette Franke, so a quasi-celebrity, I guess.  I know most people aren't real into fashion models anymore but I have always been.  She modeled a lot a few years back, then dropped off the radar, now she is back and I love looking at her photos from fashion shows.  I just think she is so pretty and looks approachable.




        And she even looks like she is having fun sometimes!



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          Gee, I like Halle Berry. 

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            Weather girl from one of the Spanish stations that my mom watches- Big grin

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              100% agreed. Always had a lady-crush on her.

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                  Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace, Hitman, Centurion, and a bunch of foreign movies that I have not seen...yet.)



                  Go figure

                    It's so interesting how different personal taste is.  The girl MJ5 posted looks so severe and almost alien to me.


                    I'll post my vote for either Cobie Smulders (Robin on "How I Met Your Mother")


                    or Whitney Cummings, the comedian that has the show "Whitney."

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                      I'm partial to Andrea Corr because she and I have something in common. Unfortunately, it's not her pretty face or beautiful voice...


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                        Charlize Theron is a good choice.  I think Emma Stone is lovely.

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                          Love it!  Charlize has been on top of my list at times.  Lately it's been Marisa Tomei ( not the 20 year old My Cousin Vinnie but the 40 year old Before the devil knows you're dead ).  HOT!


                          If I knew how to post pics I would so you'll have to google it. 

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                            Charlize Theron.



                            Now you know.  



                            I could never pick just one. 


                            I am going to get shit for this, but i will give an honorable mention to Kristen Stewart. 


                            Not a dude

                              I could never pick just one. 


                              I am going to get shit for this, but i will give an honorable mention to Kristen Stewart. 


                              Pretty, yes. Sexy, no.


                                Pretty, yes. Sexy, no.

                                 Yeah, well, I am the one with the penis here.