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It's okay to point & laugh at my dumbness. (Read 379 times)


levitation specialist

    I am selling my perfectly good less than a year old Garmin 610 black GPS watch simply because they came out with a white one in November.

    I'm not usually a fashionista but I sortof am with jackets and watches.


    I know, I know, it's really dumb.

      Nah ...


      Now if you kept both so you could match your shoes of the day then I'd be laughing Big grin

      Train smart ... race smarter.

      Crazy Q

      Net Neaderthal & Escapee

        So you're good to go for weddings and funerals eh?

        Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!

        Samurai in Training


          I don't actually think it is that big of a deal.  I almost bought a new iPad so I could have a white one.  Wait, I did do that.



            That's not dumb at all.  When you gotta have something, you gotta have it. 


            The resale value on Garmin watches is impressive.  You got good use out of it, and now likely will get a fair price to put down on the new model.


            I would say that's smart.

            Just B.S.

              I bought the pretty green Garmin just because it was pretty and mint green!


              I also bought a red pea coat last weekend. The only reason being that I have a winter coat in

              almost very color but I didn't have  red.


              I getcha girlfriend!!


              Jess runs for bacon

                I just ordered a pair of Kinvaras because they are beautiful.




                  Whatever gets you to your BQ babytoes.


                    I just bough at 410.  I still have a working 305.


                    I also put the new Garmin 10 on my holiday family wishlist.  


                    levitation specialist

                      Lol,Namtor! See, what more reason do I needSmile

                      I should have known you all would understand, duh! 


                      Runs the streets

                        I think that it's wonderful that during these tough economical times that you are ensuring that the lovely people of Garmin have job security.

                        Don't call me Buttercup!

                          My Garmin is pink, so.... Yeah. I kinda hear ya. =)

                          Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

                          YAYpril - B-Plus

                            I bought the Garmin 405CX instead of the 405 or 410 because it was blue. I totally get it.

                            Vegan Ang

                            Formerly sdnyc99

                              I have a black 110 & when I thought I lost it I didn't look too hard at all before running out & buying a 210 with the pretty flowers/leaf pattern on it. Now I have two. I really really really want a pink one. Can't hurt to have 3, right?





                              not lazy, just tired

                                If only they'd come out with an orange 610... out with the old, in with the new!

                                Not if it makes sense.