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    Today I was contacted by Run Vermont.  They are the organization that puts on the marathon that I signed up for in May.  They have a blog section called "Why I run" and wanted me to submit my story.  Below is my submission.  Please don't be too critical of my grammar.  I know it sucks.  Also, I'm not a writer, so it's probably pretty cheesy.  I did my best.


    Why do I run?  That's a good question.  I often ask myself that, especially on those cold days this winter Smile  In 1990 at the age of 21, I gave birth to my second child.  I was 60lbs overweight and carried that extra weight around for the next 22 years.  In those 22 years, I had two more daughters and gained even more weight.  I was getting older.  My knees and back were hurting all of the time and I was watching my family live life from the sidelines.  Finally, in Jan. 2012, I decided I would do something about it.  I started a diet program and was very committed to it.  As the weight came off, I was feeling great and full of energy.  I wanted to move my body.  I started gradually by walking on a treadmill.  What a humbling experience that was.  Fifteen minutes at 3mph was a super hard work out.  Yikes was my body in terrible shape.  At some point along the way, I decided that walking was taking too long.  I wanted to cover more distance, but didn't want it to take so long.  Why I had this desire I do not know, but it was the seed that started my obsession with running.   Someone challenged me to sign up for a 5K race for the month of May.  I took that challenge and managed to finish that race in 38:59.  I knew I had more in me.  I kept running and dieting.  My life was so much better.  I was visibly happier.  So much so that one of my co-workers nick named me smiley.  I have been able to ride bikes and hike with my family and really enjoy it for the first time in more than a dozen years.  My 10 year old told me that I never used to play with her.  She really has fun with the new me.  Talk about tugging at some heart strings.  By the end of 2012, I had lost 110lbs and was running an average of 20 miles per week.  I participated in the Santa Run on Dec. 2 and finished the race in 32:13.  The improvement over my first 5K attempt was rewarding.  As I train for KBVCM, I am learning so much about myself.  I've learned that I can motivate myself, even when it's 8degF.  I've learned that negative self talk will help me fail and that positive self talk will help me succeed.  I'm learning that my body will do amazing things with persistence and determination.  I'm pretty sure it was a little foolish to go from running two 5K's to signing up for a full 26.2, but the journey has been awesome.

    Why do I run?  Because it has changed my life.  My health, fitness, spirit, and mind have grown and improved through my running.  My love for running is a little bit like my love for my family.  It makes me mad.  It tries my patience.  I often wonder why I even do it.  But in the end, I love it unconditionally.  I couldn't imagine my life without it.


      Nicely done. The local paper has different stories on folks who run Boston. What you wrote is much better than their format.


        How wonderful that running has done all these good things for your life! Very nicely written, very inspiring... Your weight loss is just incredible to me! I start panicking when I have to skip a meal for some reason, I just can't imagine the sort of determination one needs to lose 110 lbs. You are a wonder woman to me!

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          Very impressive and inspirational, just goes to show how a positive can do attitude will affect you and those around you.  Congrats on a happy year plus running and your continued success.

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            Truly inspiring. (Much more so than limping a 9-hr marathon on a broken ankle.)


            You and all those on this forum who have lost weight while running amaze me. Non-runners think that if you run, you will automatically lose weight. But I find myself eating constantly to replenish all the calories I am burning, and never lose a pound. Fortunately I haven't needed to, but I can't imagine reducing calorie intake while running any kind of mileage.



              Great story Robin.  Huge grats on losing 110 pounds, that's a significant lifetime achievement you should be very proud of.  You de-couched yourself.








              Happy to be here.

                Awesome story.  Congratulations on all of your success.



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                  Thank you for posting.


                    You know robinde, what i really love is how similar so many peoples stories are to each other with regards to running.  Keep up the great work! Nicely written post, really says it all.


                      Thanks for posting your story.  Congratulations on having the strength and determination to lose 110 lbs and to change your life so drastically.  I wish you the best of luck on your marathon.  Don't forget to write a race report!