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Foot Locker 5k at Mt. SAC RR with pics - My quads hurt!!! (Read 270 times)

Jack K.

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    This morning DW and I ran in the Foot Locker 5k at the famous XC course at Mt. SAC (Mt. San Antonio College). This is the course where many high school leagues have their league championships and my older DD runs here several times a year with her team (we live close). This evet was mainly for high school kids and they come from all over the western United States. There were literally thousands of kids here.  Each year there is a "Supporters Race" held before the main events. This is for parents and anyone else who wants to run. There are no age divisions so we were competing with all the twenty somethings who can run the course in 15:00 or so.  Because of the rain we had this week our race was shortened to the 2.95 mile version which is what the XC kids run in high school. The course was muddy and heavy and the officials put down a lot of straw on the uphills and downhills to help with footing.  This is us BSing before the race.



    As for the race itself, the start was bad because I went out way too fast! I knew from my HM not to do that, but a 5k start is much different.  The first mile was on a dirt loop that used to be a horse corral and it is relatively flat. My Garmin beeped and I took a quick glance at it... 6:25!! I wanted to be around 7:10. I knew I was doomed.  This is right at the bottom of the first big hill called Switchbacks. It gains about 100' in about 1/4 mile. At the top my legs were on fire and I was breathing hard. I am used to my long runs where my breathing is nice a easy. Not today!  


    The only good thing about uphills is there has to be a downhill and I used it to get some time back. The next hill is called Poop Out. The name is self-explanatory. It is short but steep. Going up was not so bad and I even passed someone who was younger than me!! Smile My legs were better but my breathing was still very labored. After this hill was the two mile mark. I didn't look this time but after the race I saw that my second mile was 8:07, much slower as the first, as expected.


    This at the bottom of Poop Out (no pun intended). That spry young thing in blue is the one I passed! 



    This is going up Poop Out.  See that, I passed her! I still got it!! At least she also has some cool socks.



    At this point I am spent and I wanted to quit, well at least walk. If I did that, I would never hear the end of it from DD, and besides, it is too easy to quit.  I went on and on to the last big hill called Reservoir Hill.  There is a big old water tank up there they use to water the cows and horses. This hill is not so steep, but it seems miles long. I checked the Garmin at home and the hill is about .33 mile and it gains about 65' in elevation. Reading this it may not seem like much, but it was tough. At the top of it, my quads were on fire and again, I wanted to walk, but I didn't. Even on the long downhill I didn't feel well because of the fire in my legs. I usually love going downhill but not today, I felt like I was putting on the brakes when I should have been flying.  


    I am that little greenish yellow speck slowly making my way down this dreaded hill.


    The race to the finish was mostly flat. The runners go through what is called the "Gauntlet" and there are hundreds of people lining the horse fences the entire way. I heard some people yelling at the guy behind me "You gotta pass him! Get him!" and that pushed me to kick. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing!


    My final time was 22:04 and I must say I am happy with it. DW finished in 25:38 and she was happy. She just started running about a month ago, but she is pretty fit from playing a lot of soccer. Even though I felt horrible during the race, I guess I didn't do so bad? I forget who said it, but "pain is temporary."  Unfortunately, now my legs are sore and I am tired. I have to do laundry and take a nap. Thanks for reading and I hope the pictures aren't too big. I still haven't figured this out.


    It's all about the socks!


      Holy fast first mile!  WOW!!!  Umm, I love the pics from the aptly named "poop out" hill too: that looked so tough!  You powered through all of that and finished with a great time and wearing some pretty bad ass socks, I might add. Impressive!  Great job and thanks for the report!!!


        Great job and cool pics. Just goes to show you that looking fast (that girl in blue) doesn't always get you up the hill fastest!



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          Holy hell that's a great time for that course!  Those hills are ridiculous! 6:25 was insane but 22:04 for that kind of a hilly course is impressive.  And 25 by the wife?  She's awesome!   You will definitely have a sub 20 in you on a flat/fast course.    The socks are terrific - we need Steph to put her stamp of approval on them, lol.  Great job, Jack!  Rest up and have a fun night.  Take some advil to help your poor quads. Smile 


          Go figure

            So cool to see a course I've read so much about and experience it through your report and pics. Thank you for that. Great job by you and your wife, too.

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              WOW!! Nice run! I love the socks. Smile


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                Way to rock Mt. SAC!!


                At least weather was nice today!  Yesterday or tomorrow would have been an uuuuuuugly race, for sure!




                  Interesting course.  Great read, congrats!


                    Good job Mr. K! Crazy course.

                      WTG Jack, looks like a very fun event.
                      Jack K.

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                        Thanks you guys! For those of you that have heard of Mt. SAC or been there, it is tougher than they say!


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                          WOW, you & your DW are fast! Great race, have fun with the band tonight!

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                            Great time on a hilly course!  Congratulations!


                              Great job Jack!  Hills destroy me, but you rocked 'em!


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                                Sweet socks!!  Nice finish time!  Sorry the course had to be shortened.  That part is a bummer.


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