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Baboon's Get-Well Thread (Read 165 times)

    Baboon will have knee surgery today. Let's post our wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

      Baboon, may the surgery be successful and may you r back in action soon.


      Skirt Runner

        Good luck!!

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        delicate flower

          Awww, that very kind of you to start a thread, Basya.  Smile  It is much appreciated.


          Thank you as well, kristin!


          I'm glad it's finally here.


          Little Blue

            Break a leg!  Or .. um ...  Good luck!


              Little Blue... haha


              Phil, I wish you a great surgery and a speedy recovery. We want you back with us soon, in your usual cheery mood. We need your jokes to wake us up in the morning! Good luck, friend!

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                Thoughts & prayers for you in surgery today and in the days/weeks ahead during recovery.

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                  Phil, good luck!! I'm thinking good thoughts on an uneventful surgery and a super speedy recovery.


                    Good luck!  Hopefully Randee will update us on your progress.  Be well, Phil!

                    Do you even run?

                    Bad Ass

                      Hope the surgery goes well, Phil!



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                        Good luck Phil! Hope you get into surgery on time and wake up happy!!!


                        I just realized while looking at the date that my surgery was one year ago tomorrow.


                          Hope it goes smoothly and you have a super speedy recovery!


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                            I hope the nurses are hot, and that there are at least a half dozen of them tending to you at all times....wait, hoo dat.

                              Best wishes and mojo for a speedy recovery coming your way!





                                Happy Surgery Day, Phil!!  I thought of you when I ran this morning.   I even took a few minutes out from my usual thoughts of "breathe, breathe, breathe dammit!" to say prayers for you and to send you positive vibes.   May your surgeons be highly skilled and on top of their game today!  And, may your recovery be less painful than you anticipate and much more speedy than you thought possible!!   Good luck, Phil!!


                                Oh, and try not to be a PITA for your DW.   If she needs to vent a little, she is always welcome here.    ;-)

                                But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.