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Groundhog 5k RR - pics included (Read 105 times)


Go figure

    Just a quick little recap from my race this morning:


    So the racing conditions weren't exactly great, to say the least.  The whole course was a combination of ice and snow, and made for some pretty crazy footing.  Going in, I thought I could run sub-18 if they had the roads cleared.  Clearly, they did not!  Oh, and the start temp was a whopping 12 degrees, so not exactly made for limber limbs and open lungs.


    As for the race, I started out at the front and just gave it what I had.  I went out a little too quickly and lead through the first mile.  They were using an ATV as the pace vehicle, and the exhaust was not fun.  As soon as the course headed uphill, I knew I was in a bit of trouble as my traction wasn't great.  I was just wearing my SkySpeed trainers, and my feet really slipped unless I chopped my stride.   Plus, even though I'm getting better at it, I'm still a bit of a heavy-footed runner; not ideal for snowy runs.


    Right about the first mile marker I got passed by the guy that went on to win.  By mile two my hamstrings really started to tighten up, so I did my best just to relax my stride and keep my feet under me.  Near the end of mile 2 I got passed again, and that's where I stayed for the rest of the race.  I didn't give much of a push, but did manage to sneak in a sub-19.  I did notice that the other two runners had trail shoes and cross-country shoes on, respectively.  That would have been a better choice for me, but they still ran better races and deserved to finish where they did.






    forgot to stop watch...overall 18:59, 3rd place.


    Given the conditions, I'm okay with the effort.  I probably kept it closer to 90% just to be safe, especially after I started to tighten up.  This was really just to give my mind a break from marathon training, and was a nice event to throw in during a cutback week.  Back to the grind and 80-some miles next week!

    I'm the second guy coming in

    Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

    Just B.S.

      Fabulous job under tough conditions SIAR!!!


      Big congrats! and glad you got through that safely!

      YAYpril - B-Plus

        Great job, dude! Love the squeaking in under 19. Nice snowy pics too. Smile Congrats on the placement!

        Trail Monster

          Great job! Congrats on third place!

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          andrew jerald

            Great race, I'm glad it doesn't snow here!


              That is a crazy fast time on icy roads and with regular shoes on. I'd be terrified to slip and break something. All that snow everwhere... that is crazy!  But you ran strong, bravo. And congratulations on third place overall! Great pictures!

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                Shiiiiit, man. That is not racing weather. Good job in that nastiness.


        !  I can't believe you pulled off sub-19:00 and 3rd place overall racing in those conditions!!!  You are a beast, you know that!?!?!!  Seriously - all that slipping/sliding/snow?  Wow.  I can't wait to see what you will do this Spring on some dry pavement, with more temperate weather.  Your training has been going so well as of late!  Love seeing the pics of you too!!!!  Congratulations on a FANTASTIC race!

                  delicate flower

                    That is some fine work in those conditions.  Nice job, SIAR!


                      Congrats on 3rd OA! The times are amazing under those conditions.

                      Bad Ass

                        Great job and in those conditions!  Congrats.  Awesome picture too.



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                        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                          Damn bro, I would have stayed home on the couch! Great job. You're really good at writing race reports too - short and to the point.

                            Wow, nice job in terrible conditions!  Glad you were able to keep your feet under you!

                              Nice job, especially in those conditions!


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                                Congrats SIAR!


                                That looks 100% not fun, nice job in deplorable conditions for a race.