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My dream of the Boston Marathon (yes, an RR) (Read 222 times)


    Lily - Thank you for sharing the joy, excitement, and beauty of the race with all of us!   You are such an amazing and strong woman, and you inspire me to be the best runner and person I can be.   The pics you shared are Pinksational and I thank you for including them.    Keep dreaming and reaching for your dreams because I know that you can achieve anything you set out to do!!   Congrats on a wonderful race!!

    But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


      What a wonderful race report!  Thank you for sharing your dreams and day with us.   Fantastic race and congratulations on the PR.

      Life is good.

      King Rake

        Very nice! Congrats!


          Wonderful report and amazing job!  Love the pictures, the story behind it, and think the world of you for showing us what is possible.


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          Mostly harmless

            Thanks for providing such a well written, thoughtful and touching race report. Congratulations on a very well run race too.

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              Cool!  Way Cool!  And a nice payback because you were driving us nuts the past four weeks lol!


              It all paid off in the end though didn't it? There was a point there where you were questioning everything, but you hung in there and it all came together on race day!

                left my heart at the finish line...your report helped to remind me of the joy that running can bring.  Congratulations to you (& Toronto) on an awesome run & thank you for sharing such a beautifully written r.r. H.L..  Hope to see you in Hopkinton next year.


                Fitness Jogger

                  Beautiful RR Lily, thank you.  Your pics are lovely too.  Congrats on an incredible race.

                    Bravo Julie... great RR and amazing race.  I bet you got quite the high five from Peter - what an amazing pacer!


                    Again... Bravo

                    Seven Deadly Shins

                      lily, dear friend, thank you for writing this.  Congrats on your excellent PR and a tremendous race!  Your report made me re-live the Boston weekend, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.


                      To clarify, I am not a fast runner - I've run sub 3:20 exactly once 4 years ago, haven't broken it since, and my last marathon was 3:26 on better training than Boston.  I admit to being a bit embarrassed that I was unable to hang on to you all the way to the finish.  I may only allow myself to be modestly proud of our remarkably even 5K splits, until we hit the hills (even taking into account the Wellesley girls Blush).


                      I am truly in awe of your running ability and toughness, both physical and mental.  Obviously I can take no credit for your Boston success, it's all you, 100% you.  Yes, I may have tried to keep you in check through the first 18 miles, but you took over on the hills and showed who's in charge.  If anything, you were pacing me through the Heartbreak until Boston College downhill in Mile 22.  And then, like a beautiful vision, you were gone.


                      Talking about beautiful visions, how many people admired your super stylish outfit at the expo?  It was just a lot of fun to run and spend time with you in Boston, and also extremely generous of you to offer me shelter, drink and a great dinner after the terrible events later that day.  Among the big and small acts of kindness, that surely counts as more than one.


                      People of Boston will remain strong and resilient in the face of evil.  Countless runners will be inspired, and you will also inspire us by living your Boston dream.


                      Thank you, and hope to see you again soon (though probably not in Boston next year.)


                      Skirt Runner

                        Thank you so much for deciding to write and share your RR. Amazing job and congrats on a PR on such a hard course. Your race photos came out AWESOME!!!! This event is so special, thanks for reminding us why!

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                          You've captured the magic of Boston, the city and the race, so well in your RR. The man upstairs kept me from coming this year to cheer you and others I know on at the finish line, but you'd better believe I will be there next year. You;re such an uplifting spirit! Congrats on your race Smile

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                            Took me way too long to get to your RR!  Your training for this race was so good and I'm glad you gave it the effort that you did.  You had some great help from T.O. along the way, but I think it's cool that you got to see what you have in you by finishing it off on your own.  It sounds like an amazing event, and I'm sure it will continue to be that in years to come.  Impressive running with a great finish time!  Good luck with the coming races too.

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                              Beautiful report, congratulations on another BQ.

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                                Lily- Thanks so much for writing this RR. I am in awe of your talent. Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I run on the TM too a lot and it doesn't affect my performance. I also have a pretty similar view from yours in my garage. I look forward to seeing you next year. We need to have one very big FE. Love the pictures.

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