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NorthCoast 12/24 Hour Endurance Run Sept 2013 (Read 366 times)

    Yay, Groove! Love the dancing banana!

     My memory may be failing me...I don't remember the banana being so versatile. Does the banana have more moves now?

    Overcoming sarcoidosis one step at a time...

      I am in too!  Most of you don't know me as I never really posted a lot on RWOL but I am on Toyger's team for 2012in2012.  I blame her entirely for me signing up the other day and I bear no personal responsibility whatsoever for my crazy decision!


      Looking forward to meeting everyone who is there in September!




      Trail Monster

        I'm signed up for the April 2013 24 hour. I probably won't be able to make it back in September.

        2013 races:

        3/17 Shamrock Marathon

        4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

        7/27 Burning RIver 100M

        8/24 Baker 50M

        10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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          Welcome, Colleen! Yeah, that toyger is an enabler. Smile
            Sara-Have fun at the Spring edition. Please let us know how it goes!

              Yay, Colleen! So glad you're coming!


              Banshee, keep us posted on your training and let us know how you do in the spring.



                I'm planning on being there, since I need to break in my cattle prod. Big grin

                  No can do, unfortunately.


                  I love that fact that there are two NorthCoast races this year, but I'll miss both of them.  

                  I'm running Umstead 100 on April 6, and the April NorthCoast is too soon after that.  

                  If my Western States 100 lottery number does not come up, then I'll be signing up for Georgia Jewel 100 in late September, so that conflicts with the September NorthCoast.


                  Looking forward to reading the NC 24 race reports, though!

                    also, check out the ultra forum..


                    I am undecided about the spring NC24 after last years issues..I missed last fall but am leaning towards just doing that--and because I'd really like to be properly trained, not just go out for a 24 hour run with little prep as I did the first 2 times Smile


                    Welcome everyone from RWOL. I peaked in there occasionally but barely posted. I came here from coolrunning..

                      Murphy-The timing company that did such a great job (despite the wind/rain/hail) this Sept is timing the Spring race next year, so hopefully timing won't be an issue. The races do have different race directors (Heidi in the spring, John in the fall). John couldn't have done a better job. Hope your health is improved, and looking forward to seeing you next Sept!

                        I knew Heidi was doing the Spring event again..and to be honest that was my concern. She was great to me personally, but even at my low level--it really took the wind out of my sales to realize I had about 6 less miles than I thought at midnight...I do think they were correct looking back..but that was tough. Good to know they are sticking with that system. That would make it more likely that I do spring if I m in better shape.


                        Jess runs for bacon

                          Are we talking Spring or Fall here?


                          I definitely would not be able to do the spring, but depending on how my 12 hour goes in May I might consider this..



                            Lilac, it may dovetail nicely for you! 

                            Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.


                            Jess runs for bacon

                              That's what I'm thinking Van... if my feet don't fall off at The Fair!



                                The discounted registration ends at midnight. Tic toc ...