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Little Blue

    Wow.  The first time I teared up was when the young man told you that you had your Sox hat on, you can do it.  The second time I teared up was when I saw the clock.  The tears came out when you found your family in the hotel.


    You have an amazing story, thanks for sharing.  You earned every step of that race, just like every other runner there.  Be proud of your achievement.

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      Thank you for posting this.

      Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

      delicate flower

        When I saw the finish line clock in your photo my throat tightened.


        Same here.  Holy smokes.  I skimmed down to the photos before reading the report and I thought "WHOA" when I saw the clock photo.  I'm so glad you and your family are ok, Runwell.  I can only imagine what you were feeling for that 35 minutes of uncertainty.


        Congratulations though on running the Boston Marathon.  That is something many of us wish to accomplish some day, but many of us won't.  Good job pushing through when it got tough. 


        Bad Ass

          Me too.  I had to stop reading to look at the picture again



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            Wow. Thank you for writing this. Totally different perspective than the other speedsters on the forum who ran it but only heard about the explosions later -- you were living the horror. Like everyone else, I was riveted as soon as I saw what kind of pace you were at, then terrified when I saw the finish line clock. I am sitting here in my office with my eyes welling up.



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              Thank you for sharing runwell.  And thank God you and your family remained safe.  I do not want to imagine or experience the wave of emotions you went through at the end of the race.  I hope and pray that you and everyone else who left a piece of their heart out on Boylston St will be able to find it and become whole again.

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              Ball of Fury

                Thank you so much for sharing!  I, too, had to blink back a few tears just imagining your emotions while searching for your family!  So happy you are all safe!  Congratulations on a great race!

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                Just B.S.

                  Runwell, your journey to Boston was inspiring.  And your retelling of your experiences that day brought a lump

                  to my throat.


                  Not just at the finish line but all the way along.  3 years ago in 2010 I was your wife. I was standing just before

                  the finish on the opposite side of the road from where the bombs went off,  waiting for my husband to finish his

                  first Boston at age 45.


                  I was right at the start line for the beginning of the race and watched thousands of runners start on what would

                  be for some (like you ) a 26.2 mile journey of a lifetime. As a runner myself I could truly understand and appreciate

                  what that day would mean to so many. I remember getting goosebumps watching that spectacle and they seemed

                  to last the entire day.


                  I also remember seeing many acts of kindness toward runners and was the recipient myself of kindness from

                  total strangers. Once I got back into Boston and found that spot so close to the finish I wasn't moving until hubby

                  finished and struck up conversations with those around me, also waiting for friends and family. We all shared

                  what our family members were wearing and looked out for those folks, one couple even offered to track my

                  husband on their smartphone.  


                  I saw runners stopping to walk so close to the finish, some in obvious pain, and the crowd cheering them on

                  and shouting encouragement.


                  There is a joy and camaraderie on that day that I have never experienced at any other marathons.  I know in my

                  heart as a runner that the terrible events of that day will only make the race more special to the people of Boston.


                  We had many friends from home running that day and 4 volunteering and have heard many experiences

                  recounted over the last two weeks.


                  A good friend of ours finished 4:03:56 and another girl from home was stopped just 500 yards from the finish.

                  Another friend who is a very fast runner and has done Boston many times,  but had issues that day , was in the

                  medical tent when the bombs went off.  I saw him volunteering at a race this weekend and I could still see the

                  effects of that day in his eyes.


                  So I completed the Boston Marathon, but I never really some ways I left that part of my heart there

                  on Boylston, in front of the Old South Church.   I pray , still, for all the victims and their families.  I'm sure all of

                  you feel the same.


                  I felt myself very emotional reading your report bringing back my own memories of being at Boston but when

                  I got to the last part I was indeed crying.


                  Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

                    First, congrats on your race! Nice job.  Second, sorry that it had to end that thank and so badly for innocent folks.  Thanks for sharing, I can't imagine what it was like to go through that.

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                      Thank you so much for sharing your story.  Your journey from couch to 5K to Boston is really inspiring.  It's awesome that you discovered the runner hidden within you.


                      I can only imagine what that 35 minutes must have felt like to you but I'm certain it felt like an eternity.  I'm so happy that you and your family are safe!  I'm surprised at how overcome with emotion I can get from reading these stories.  I couldn't see the pictures because my employer has Photobucket and sites like that blocked. This is the first time I've been grateful for that, although I did go back after reading your report and view them on my phone.


                      Of course the race itself is insignificant when compared to the events after but I do want to congratulate you on gutting it out and finishing. Next time don't go out so fast! Smile


                      Lastly, don't hold back on writing more race reports.  You're good at that too.

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                        ImNotScott is right. Your RR was beautifully written. And your finish time was excellent as well. Boston is not an easy course and you finished 12 minutes away from a BQ, after a very difficult training cycle. I think that shows what a strong runner you are.

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                        Hip Redux

                          Runwell, you have the distinct honor of writing the first RR that made me cry.


                          Congrats on qualifying and running Boston, sir.  Well done.



                            Best RR ever.  Your Boston RR  captures the true spirit of running a marathon. The elation, the pitfalls, mind games, up and downs, relief at the finish line and then the 35 mins of not knowing HELL.

                            So happy you and your family were okay.





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                              Wow.  I wouldn't say there's no glory in your run.  I'm glad you did make it past the finish, and it looks like a well-run race, too.  It really stinks that people feel guilty for celebrating their marathon accomplishments because terrorists used the event as an excuse to attack people.  It isn't like it's your fault.


                              Great RR, thanks for sharing.

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                                Thank you for sharing your Race Report. Congratulations on running in the Boston Marathon! Smile

                                - Andrew