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one more view of Boston (Read 165 times)


    Best report I have ever read. I also peaked ahead first to read that you and your family were okay.


    Barking Mad To Run

      That was a great report, altogether very descriptive, inspiring, and emotional.  That must have been a terrifying and heart-rending  and awful experience for you at the end, looking for your family, in fear, and hoping, hoping, hoping...glad you and yours all came out safe.


      Congrats on your marathon and your determination and perseverance.

      "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


        excellent race report. the range of emotions that day were captured perfectly. take care and give another hug to your family. you all deserve it.

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          I got goosebumps when I saw the time on the clock in your finish photo. So intense. I'm glad you and your family are okay.


          Thank you for sharing your story.


            Runwell, you start the RR by saying that there was no glory in your run that day, and then every single thing you say afterwards puts the lie to that. Glad you are safe and your loved ones are safe. And long may you run.


              That was a great RR, thank you for sharing!!

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                Great RR, thank you for sharing this.

                  my deepest thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to read this and share your kind words of empathy and encouragement.  I'm honored and humbled by your expressions.  Kindness is the light that the dark heart of no terrorist  could ever extinguish, and light is abundant on this forum!

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                  THANK YOU ,  be well  and run strong


                    Wow, I've never moved to the edge of my seat to finish reading a RR before. Once I saw your finish picture I started reading faster and faster to see if everyone was ok. wow, imagine if that stranger hadn't motivated you to finish when you stopped cold in the race. So many could've beens. Thank God you are all ok. Just WOW.

                    Mr Pink

                      Wow! That was an amazing RR, and brought chills a number of times; especially the time on the clock. Glad you and your family came out safe and sound. Thank you for sharing.



                        Runwell, you start the RR by saying that there was no glory in your run that day, and then every single thing you say afterwards puts the lie to that.




                        What an unexpected surprise!  Just a regular guy out there chasing a dream, struggling to do what came easier for thousands of others, yet you hung in there. 


                        Much respect to you man, that is cool!


                          Great race report.  You should write more-you have a talent for it.


                          I'm very glad you're all ok and so sorry those punks ruined a wonderful day for you.

                            Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I am so happy that your family was OK!  All that time you spent not knowing, how truly terrifying.  And yet you kept your head, went to the meeting spot, and were reunited there.  You are strong!


                            It also sounds like that guy at mile 25 had a big part in getting a little spring into your step to get you over the line in time that day.  How wonderful that he was there just at the right moment.

                              Whatever your pace, whatever your distance, whatever your challenge...i wish that you always carry courage and gratitude in your heart.  Run with strength, run with grace and  remember.  Always remember:


                              " peace, no more hurting people"