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Do you untie your running shoes before you take them off? (Read 345 times)


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    I dont....


    Can you post a poll on RA? If so, details!


    I have a habit of not untying any of my shoes before I take them off, even though I then untie them to put them away in their boxes after my run.

    Why this is my default, I have no idea. But it is.


      No, I just kick them off.  I'm so lazy I dont even want to bend over and untie them I guess.  It's just like "get off me, I'm done with you".








        No.  I don't think I ever have.

        Do you even run?


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              I do not, but I untie them before putting them back on.  My shoes wear out way before kicking them off would cause any damage. 


              Once my shoes are retired from the rotation and become every day casuals, they are rarely ever untied again. 




                I kick them off too.

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                  always... until they are retired

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                      I always untie them. Only because my freshman year of high school someone told us that if we didn't they would breakdown faster or something. I'm pretty sure it's not true, but I just untie them out of habit.

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                        I don't, and I am a total hypocrite because I yell at the XC kids I coach to untie them.

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                          Always.  My retired ones I just kick off. 


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                            Yes, every time. 




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                                Never. And I almost never re-tie them before putting them on either. Just slip 'em on and go.