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Tuesday's March of the Penguins. To infinity and Beyond. (Read 184 times)

    Good morning everyone!!


    Another busy day, so I made sure to drag my butt out the door this morning.  8 miles done and feeling great!  Pretty much fully recovered from Saturday's long run gone wild.


    Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday! Smile


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      Hi personals right now, on my phone and heading out to work, have to get there a little early today. Cant wait to read the RR though Jen! SRD for me again today. The plan is 3 easy miles tomorrow, 2 easy miles Friday, and then resting Saturday (though since this is my first free Saturday in literally months I may try to make either a Zumba class or a yoga class Saturday since Ive had trouble getting to classes on week nights lately because my work schedule lately, and I really love both yoga and zumba) and then my 10K Sunday! Im so nervous for this race. I also dont have any idea how to pace it since it is my first. My LRs the past few weeks have been 5.5 miles, 5 miles, 4.5 miles and 2 weeks of 4 miles (going backwards with 5.5 being last weekend) with about a 12 mm pace. All the rubs have been comfortable and I have felt after that I could have run farther or faster, and Ive always been able to pick up the pace a bit in the last 1-2 miles. Based on my last 33:33 5K McMillan thinks I can finish in 109: xx, which is an 11:16 mm pace, but my 5K I ran the first 2 miles at 11:03 and 11:05, I had energy to pick it up for the last mile and even more for the last .1, but I honestly dont think I could have kept going anywhere near 11:05 and made it over 6 miles so I dont think 11:16 is realistic. ANYWAY should I start at an easy pace to make sure I can make it through the whole race, and then pick it up after the first 5K of the race if I feel good? I really dont want to burn out and blow up. Thanks!

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        My new shoes came in yesterday. I did the 5 miles in them and I LOVE these shoes. My Reebok transitions were amazing, not real crazy about the Brooks PureConnect but these Reebok Smoothflex feel like they were made for my foot, super comfortable ride!


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          Nice shoes!

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            Jimmy - I love the Sipsey!  I was an assistant scoutmaster for nearly 20 years (three boys) and we virtually lived in the Sipsey.  It was great to have such a wonderful area only a half hour from home.  We would camp there at least three or four weekends a year and usually do trail maintenance on another.  We also did a lot of day hikes.  Enjoy the time off with the family! 


            Rest day for me.  It's gotten cold again so I'm not looking forward to the 26 degrees in the morning!


            Happy Tuesday!





              I haven't posted in two days and it feels like forever! I got some super awesome new running shoes Saturday!!! Mizuno's Wave Inspire 9's. Oh I was like a little kid on Christmas!

              I've been following my schedule except yesterday was supposd to be a cross train day and instead I got in a 1.5 mile run (was supposed to be 3) and did 200 crunches.  Question! Has anyone elses treadmill done this!?  It happened 1.5 miles in which is why I had to stop. I got freaked out because it happened out of no where!


              Today is a 35 mintue Tempo Run.  Looks like it's going to be outside in the cold after my boyfriend gets home to watch the kids


              Jimmy- 5 day streak is awesome! I love family days off. It happens once a week in this house. 11 days would be wonderful! Enjoy your family time!


              Bin- Enjoy your rest day


              Hog- What kind of tights did you get? I need to invest in some warm running clothes.  Actually any running clothes.. Cotton is rotten!  But it's all I have :/


              Gustav- I hope it's not too cold where you live!  Is the power back?


              Kristi- Have a safe trip!


              Brady- Thats awesome!  I am such a baby when it comes to cold and wet.  Once I'm out there and actually doing it, it's such a rush.  BUT it's the getting out part that I have trouble with.


              Docket- Carmel Creme Brule Starbucks... I used to be against paying $5 for coffee until that touched my lips.  I ordered a large to share and I think the whole store was silent.  Ummm I mean Vente?


              Jen- Congrats!!!  Finishing your first big race is such a great feeling and you worked hard for it!  Congrats on making your goal as well!


              Jerry- Enjoy your run! Bundle up.


              Dave- I missed the long run post! I'll have to go back and read.  8 miles again...Whoop!


              Kristin- Enjoy your rest day! Do you do any tempo running or speed work to try and build up your pace?  I just started adding it in to my running so I haven't seem much results yet but the workouts are killer so I'm sure they are helping.


              Bill- Enjoy your rest day!

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                Bill - i have only been to the Sipsey once and I loved it. Been telling my wife I am going to take her so I am going to get it done while we are off. She loved little River canyon and I keep telling her Sipsey is better. Nothing like rock shelters big enough to fit a house under.

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                  ERLH, I have 2 different ones; first is Under Armor Cold Gear, the are good down to about 35 degrees, and kinda pricey($50), and the second pair I bought at Academy(BCS brand) for $20. Jen, congrats on the HM.

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                    Morning all.  Got out for a chilly 4 miles this morning.  About 5 inches of snow on the path made for some slow going.

                    Run!  Just Run!


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                      Hi Pens...


                      I did five miles late last night in the dark. Four more on tap for later. It's a busy time of year at work and home so it is a wonder I am getting any done at all. It looks like the next HM will be in April and I might try the Ryan Hall program. There is a HUGE hill in the course and I might get to run it this weekend to check it out. Have a nice day.

                        Jimmy- 11 days off is pretty good. I would feel guilty about missing work, eventhough the vacation time is mine. My sister says I feel guilt because we grew up Catholic Smile   I tried streaking starting with Thanksgiving, but I gave it up, I didnt want it to interfere with training. I am not in good enough shape yet to add extra runs for a streak. I may do it in the spring when I am building my base and I will have a long time between races next year.


                        Bin- enjoy the rest day.


                        Mitch- I am getting tights for Christmas, but not many people will see me with them on.


                        Gustav- sorry about the power. That has happened to us and it is a pain in the ass. Hope the day gets better.


                        Kristi - safe travels.


                        Brady - enjoy the cold weather run.


                        Damaris- not too bueno about the no sleep- sorry lady. When I cant sleep I usually try.....well I usually get my wife mad at me Wink


                        Jen- way to go on the HM. and family waiting is awesome. keep up the good work.


                        Jerry- enjoy the post-wrok cold run.

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                          Morning!  RD here, oh boy!  Gonna make some cupcakes because I'm supposed to bring snacks into work tomorrow.


                          Jen- Congrats on exceeding your goal for your HM!


                          Kristin- I've only run one 10K so far and the distance was still pretty new to me when I ran it.  So I made myself leave my GPS at home and just ran it by feel and figured my pace would be what it was.  I intentionally held back the first mile and tried to be conservative for the first half, and still the last mile was a bit of a mental challenge.  But in the end I'm happy with my time and effort for that race!  I think if I'd had my watch I would have been fretting over the pace too much.


                          Jimmy- Nice shoes!

                            Super Dave- dude you are wild. your miles are crazy. keep it up.


                            Kristin- Enjoy the rest- Just make sure you dont start too fast on Sunday. You will be fine though. You will be ready. Also, I wouldnt do the zumba class before the race unless this is a normal routine of yours, but that is just me. I need routine.


                            Bill- feel better soon


                            Jimmy- Sweet kicks


                            ERLH- That is strange about the TM.


                            MJSmith- running in snow sounds fun, but I bet its just my imagination since I have never had to do it. good job.


                            Jack- Getting to run that huge hill might be helpful for the brain. My HM that I did in October had some inclines that I was affraid of and they kicked my butt. I think it was more mental than physical, although physically it was tough. I hadnt done enough hill training.


                            AFM- My week looks like this. Tues - Rest, Wed - 6, Thurs - 8, Friday - rest, Sat - 18, Sun - 5.


                            Make Today Great,

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                              Zelanie-you snuck in on me. enjoy the rest and the baking. I will send you my address so you can send me some cupcakes Smile

                              ”Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

                              “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”



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                                Morning, Penguins!!  I bailed on my run last night due to a headache, so I will swim today and then run this evening.  Hopefully I'll get the regular lap pool, because the activity pool has a weird current and swimming against the current makes me tired!  

                                jblack -- your vacation sounds wonderful!!  I think I'll be off for 13 days total, I can't wait!

                                Bin -- have a good SRD!!

                                hog -- take some tights pics for us!!

                                Gustav -- hope your power is back!!

                                Kristi -- safe travels!!

                                Brady -- you are sick and twisted.  Cold and wet is not awesome!!

                                Docket -- sorry about the insomnia!!  You should've tried counting Scottydogs, at least you would've gotten a good laugh ...

                                Jen -- woo-hoo for your half!!

                                Jerryb -- stay warm!!

                                D2 -- woo-hoo for your miles!!

                                kristin -- enjoy your SRD, and have fun at the 10k this weekend!  Usually I do start those out easy, then pick it up later if I have energy to spare.

                                Bill -- enjoy your SRD!!

                                ERLH -- sorry about the TM implosion ... that looks icky!

                                mj -- woo-hoo for your cold snowy miles!!

                                Jack -- good luck with your 4 later!!

                                T-rod -- come on, take some tights pics!!

                                Zelanie -- enjoy your SRD and CUPCAKES!!

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