Beginners and Beyond


Tuesday's March of the Penguins. To infinity and Beyond. (Read 184 times)

Jack K.

uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

    awood: 4 votes. You don't necessarily have to "race" it but you could certainly push your pace. I am also running a 5k on Saturday and I decided to push it and not race. I am going to do a long run Sunday morning on part of a HM course I might run in April. It has this crazy hill so I want to go and run it before I sign up. I figure I am going to be down there anyway (in La Jolla, CA) so I might as well run it.


    Bin: Glad to hear DS is better. When they get naughty it almost makes you wish they were sick again!


    Scotty: Too bad about the car but you are safe.  Also, I found out both my DDs might be running in San Antonio for some XC championships next year. If we make it out there you will have one more picture to take at whatever 5k you and I will be running!!


    As for me, I went out for my four miles and it turned into five. The IT band is better and feeling good, but now I have a knot in my calf. I am going to try using the roller and/or muscle stick on it.


    Bye, Pens.

      Awood- Go for it!  I'm also running a 5K this Saturday and while I haven't been streaking, I'm on week 3 of a steady buildup of miles and don't plan on taking any extra RDs for a measly 5K.  I'm just going to go out there without any GPS and run the way I feel like running, then learn from it after.  And hopefully I can get at least an estimate for paces for my workouts from my finishing time, although I'll probably update as needed mid-plan.


      The real question is, can you run it faster than I can?  And by how much? Evil