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Closed out 2012 with an AG win :) Beat the Ball 5K RR (Read 320 times)

    Great race!  It was my first night race, had a blast.  Race started at 11:35pm and there was a special award for beating the ball, hence the name of the race.


    Unlike my last 5K, I got a great start, lined up near the front, no bottlenecks, nice and smooth.  Glanced at my Garmin at around the first half mile, saw 5:40 and knew I was in trouble.  Slowed down a lil, but still went 6:05 for my first mile, waaaaaay too fast.  Paid for it the next two miles, 6:33 and 6:43.  Finished with a 20:30, which was still good enough to take 1st place for my AG, but once again, I think I could have gone sub-20 with better pacing.


    Overall, I'm still very happy, it was a great way to finish off a great year!  Got a champagne glass for beating the ball, and brought home a medal, can't complain.  Gonna run the Frosty 5k on the 12th, if I can control myself for the first mile, I think I can get that sub-20.  It's all a learning process, right?  I have to remind myself that this is only the fourth 5k I've run, and only my sixth race total.  There's a lot more to racing than just putting one foot in front of the other, as I'm learning. Smile





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      That is a seriously fast start!  Tough to get past that adrenaline of "I want to have a fast race" and slow down for the first mile!  Congrats on the AG win!

      Bad Ass

        Awesome performance and congrats on the AG win.  You'll beat sub-20.  Get to it!



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          Congrats, Dave! Sub 20 is definitely within reach. I love the race "theme" to finish before midnight. Too cool.


          Fear is a Liar

            Good job Dave. Great way to finish off the year. 2013 will be your year!

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              Congrats, Dave!  Great job on the AG award!  You get that sub-20 next time for sure!



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                Congrats on your great race, Dave! We knew it would be! Sub-20 is in your new future!

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                  congrats!! Sounds like a geat race!!!

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                    Congrats Dave on the AG win and beating the ball.


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                      Congrats, Dave!

                      Running for TJ because he can't.



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                        Congratulations on a great run and an AG award! Sub 20 is coming your way, I'm sure.

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                          Congratulations, Dave, on yet another great race!  You went out like a bat out of hell, but held on to run a really fast OA time, regardless. I loved all the pics!  Sub-20 is right around the money is on your next race!  Well done!


                            Crazy fast start! Dang you are fast. You will get that sub 20 for sure.  Congrats on beating the ball.  Sounds like a neat race.  Nice pics too.  You are looking so lean. Congrats on your transformation too.





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                              Congrats!!  I've been working on sub-20 for almost a year now, and I've been under 20:30 a few times--so be patient and smart when you race, you will get there!  A few times I've seen 5:XX on my Garmin early on like you, so try really reining in that first quarter mile--I think it can be surprising how badly just one way-too-fast first quarter can trash you for the rest of the race.  You did great, congrats on your bling!

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                                Thanks so much everyone!


                                I hope I didn't sound like I was complaining, I'm very happy with my win and with my overall progress.  Just have to learn to race a lil smarter, we're always our own worst critic, right? lol


                                Zel, thanks!  It really is, that horn/gun goes off and your brain just screams RUN!!! lol


                                Damaris, thanks!  Trying again on the 12th. Smile


                                April, thanks!  I thought it was a really neat race concept.  They had a big projection screen next to the finish line with the Time's Square ball drop playing, it was great.


                                Gustav, thanks!  Definitely looking forward to this year, got a lot of good races on the schedule, I'm hooked up with my local running club and meeting new folks all the time, just loving it. Smile


                                Jen, thanks!  Time and determination, that's what's gotten me this far, throw in a little discipline and I'll get my sub-20. Smile


                                Tori, thanks!  It was a really fun race.  The future looks good!


                                Kristin, thanks!  They had sparkling cider for toasting and everything, it was a great setup!


                                Mitch, thanks!  DW and I stood at the final stretch cheering in the rest of the ball beaters LOL


                                Robert, thanks!


                                Tom, thanks!  Great job on your race too!


                                Heidi, thanks!  It was tough hanging on after that start, but I tried to keep it together.  Looking forward to trying again in a couple of weeks.


                                Traci, thanks!  It's so funny, I still get a lil shocked sometimes when I see a picture of myself, but it's starting to sink in. lol  New low today too, down another pound to 183, another nice way to start the new year. Smile


                                MJ, thanks!  It really is surprising how much that first part of the race can hurt you.  My focus for the next race is a good start again, and then as soon as I get clear of the crowd, slow down, cause I know I'll be going too fast.  Is it the 12th yet? lol


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