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    I have not been here much or in BF in RWOL.  I just found out that our Australien friend Suzanne past away on November 5.

    This was her last post on FB on November 5.


    As a low key way of celebrating my transplant anniversary I've posted chapter 9 of my novel 9 Little Steps on my blog
    Hope you enjoy it.



    She passed away that afternoon. We were FB friends and I was trying to contact her to come here to RA.

    I don't know if you are aware of this.

    RIP Suzanne.

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      Thanks for posting this, Goo!


      Truly sad news. She was such a great person and a strong-willed one that never gave up.

      May she rest in peace!

      Bye, Suzie!

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        Wow.  I did not know that.  Nor did I know she was Australian.  For some reason I thought she was from New Zealand.  Damn.

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          That is such a shame. She was a wonderful person who had so much positive energy. She will be missed.

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            Sad to hear that. She was always a bright spot on the forums and I looked forward to reading her posts.

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              Thank you for posting and letting us know.


              Very sad news.  May she rest in peace.

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                Oh no, that is the saddest news. I am so sorry to hear this. Thanks for posting, Goo

                  So sad to hear this, may she rest in peace.

                    I am so sorry to hear that!  I knew she hadn't been around but had been picturing her busy writing, taking classes, biking, and swimming.  What a loss.  She was always so kind and so upbeat.


                      I'm so sorry to hear this.  She had a wonderful energy and lots of enthusiasm.  RIP.

                        RIP. She was such an inspiration and sounded so hopeful. So sorry to hear this.

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                          This makes me so sad.  She was such a chipper person on our team's fb page and in the dailies.  Her poor family.  She really wanted to be the longest transplant survivor (if I remember her old siggy correctly).


                          Thanks, Goo, for letting us know.

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                            Sorry to hear that.. She used to post frequently on Penguins when I started and she is always so hopeful..


                            Thanks, Goo for letting us know..


                            RIP Suzanne...

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                              Oh, no.


                              I remember when she got here, uh... there. I'd always read her posts and imagine her Aussie accent. When l saw her name in this thread title, l thought, "Good... she made it here." This news is so sad.


                              She'll be with me on my run tomorrow.


                                "Good... she made it here."


                                If there is a heaven, this is what they're saying about suzielea.