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    She was always a fighter and very encouraging. Such sad news.

      Wow, that's very sad news to wake up to. May she be well remembered by her friends, family, and virtual running family. 

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        Thank you for posting this.


        I just posted about this on RWOL, too.   We were FB friends, as well, and she will be missed by many.   RIP, Suzielea. 

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          Thanks for posting this, Goo.


          Very sad news...



          I'm happy, hope you're happy too...


            Suzie was always so kind and encouraging. She will be missed.



            Bless your heart.

            Just B.S.

              I didn't "know" her well but always found her such a lovely and encouraging person.

              I am so so sorry to hear this very sad news.


                Thank you for posting this.  It is so sad to hear.  She had such a wonderful spirit.  I remember that for a long time she almost always started the penguin thread every day, having the time advantage from the other side of the world.  She hadn't been active on our 2012in2012 team FB wall, but the posts she did write mainly made it sound like she was busy with school.  She will certainly be missed by people all around the world.  

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                  I wish there was a way to let her family know how much she was loved and respected by our little community of runners.

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                    I wish there was a way to let her family know how much she was loved and respected by our little community of runners.


                    LtH, I was wondering if it was appropriate to post on her Facebook page.

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                      So sad.  Way back in 2010 it was Suzie that welcomed me into the Penguins.  She was an inspiration to me and will be missed.

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                        I'm so sorry to hear this.  Although I don't post much, I will miss reading her updates.  My sympathy to her friends and family. RIP.

                          So sad to hear this. Suzie really touched and welcomed many--including myself--to the world of running and the BF. She will be missed dearly.

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                            RIP Suzie. I remember her when I first started posting in the Penguin/Dailies threads. She was always so encouraging to everyone and had to be the "most inspirational" due to her transplant. I will miss her.

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                              RIP Suzziela Sad




                              Go figure

                                I remember Suzielea from when I first started joining in on the BF. She didn't know me, but would always write a personal message from the very start. She and I would talk about trying to learn to cycle for triathlons, me on my long rides and her struggling to get to 4 miles. She was always impressed by mine, but her efforts were the true inspiration. Her presence really drove home the point for me that we're all here to help, support, and draw the strength to get out the door from one another, not to compete. She will be missed here, and I'm sure even more so by those who truly knew her.

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