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Navy 1.5 mile run (Read 112 times)

andrew jerald

    So today I completed the Pt test for the Navy, but my training hasn't been up to par. The last month I average about 30mpw and the month before that we will call it 15mpw. Last week on Wednesday I hurt my achilles just minor pain so I took Thursday off, ran Friday, and off Saturday & Sunday. I pretty much understand that my Achilles was a result of over doing it and it bothered me on Friday during the run.



    I knocked out sit-ups (84) in 2mins which I really didn't push myself, Also 84 pushups which was max for my age 25-29. Next was the run which sucked because only 2 of us were running it. My goal was to PR which is 9:38 but I didn't think it was possible due to my training. The first mistake I made was going out to fast. I look down at the watch a few times and notice a 5:45 pace which I knew it was going to end up bad. About a 1/2 mile it hit me pretty hard that I went out to fast. At the mile I looked down and noticed 6:20 on the Garmin but as much as I push I couldn't hold the same pace. I finished the last 1/2 mile in 3:22 with a finally time of 9:42. It’s tough racing yourself but it wasn't a total failure in my eyes. I was only 4 secs slower but I'm 10lbs heavier from my last Pr. Also my last Pr was built on more then just a month & 1/2 of training. Have a good day everybody!

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      Your training has not been up to par but you're still fast!  Great job!



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        Don't beat yourself up too badly as you had a solid performance.  A lot can be done on 30 MPW if you structure it correctly.  I'd say that 30 MPW is more than most in the service will run to get ready for the PT test.


        Run intervals once per week, long at a decent pace once per week and the rest easy paced and all will be good in the 'hood.  1 of the pitfalls of the RWOL BF was the idea that we all needed to be running at elite-prep paces and weekly mileages.

          Nice work!


          I hated running when I was in, lifetime member of the 3 mile/year club. Smile It's so funny that I love running now.


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            Ahhhh, Andrew, you should be proud.  That's a really speedy time, and sometimes getting a 4 sec. PR takes a lot of effort. Hopefully next time you'll be happier with your training.


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            andrew jerald

              Thanks everyone. I used to be on the 3 mile club but 40 lbs later I changed my mind.


                I use to be a member of the 6 mile club as well (where I work we test quarterly).  Nice running on a sub-par day.

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