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Any other crazies racing this weekend? (Read 87 times)


    I am running the Manhattan Half and then 7-9 more miles probably.  Not crazy at all, will probably be the warmest run of the week!



      Not this weekend, but 2 weeks from tomorrow I will be. Nothing big, just the Hearts on Fire 5k. My first HM is in April and I can barely sit still, I am so excited. If all goes well this year (no injuries, no pregnancy), I will be adding 4 finisher's medals to my little rack. I only have two right now, but these two will always be the most important ones, the first  was at 13 weeks pregnant and the second one was 6 months post and if my avatar is showing up, that is where my little angel is holding and studying it.

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      5k - 24:15 (7:49 min/mile pace) 

      10k - 51:47 (8:16 min/mile pace)

      15k -1:18:09 (8:24 min/mile pace)

      13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

      26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 


      Bad Ass

        Good luck everybody!



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        It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


          GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK! You guys all rock for getting out there, whatever the temps are!

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            Icy roads and chilly temps for the aptly named Hot Chocolate 10K tomorrow morning.

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            Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

            He's a leaker!


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              I have a free half marathon at Brazos bend state park near Richmond, TX. Shooting for a pr. Man I hope it isn'follow hilly or hot.


              Good luck fellow racers.



              Tomas, you know why it's free, right?  Cuz it's in Brazos Bend State Park, and.....


              ....Cuz you might get eaten by Gators!


              I ran in that park a few years ago...and here are a few fellows I met along the way....these are photos I took of them along one of the trails......







              Definitely an inducement to run faster if they get too close to you!

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