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Texas Half RR (Did hell just freeze over?) (Read 142 times)


    Congrats on a fantastic race!  Dang you are speedy!




      Congratulations Dan!  You really did great, especially for a debut.  I'm glad you proved the doctor wrong.


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        Scott - The first time I ran during PT last year was in San Antonio. I had to run with the famous Scotty Dog and get in one of your race reports.

        Di - I'll take a virtual hug for you. You just have to give me 10 minutes in at actual FE. I ran about as good as I could yesterday. I am extremely happy with it. Sometimes I might lose perspective, but I have come so much farther than I ever thought I could. Being healthy is, of course, the biggest benefit of running. It is fun though to be fast too. I hope I didn't drive you crazy over the last two months.


        Tracylynn, Ginny, and Fsocks - Thanks.

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          Wow!!!! What a debut! Congrats!!

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            I just finished the couch to half program. It only took me 19 months. Joking


            After the finish, I almost cried. On February 22, 2012 I was basically told that I would be able to run anything beyond about a 5k by my ortho. I proved him wrong today. I meant a lot to me to do this my way too. I was well enough trained to run a very strong half. I like the 5k better, but I felt like I had something to prove. I am glad I got this race behind me. It proves that I can run any distance strong.

            First - awesome job! I can only dream of finishing a half anywhere near that time without having another heart attack!


            Couldn't pass on the ortho comment. In 2005 I went to one complaining about my knees and told him I wanted to run a marathon with my son. He said forget it, no running, or even walking. Wouldn't operate on me because although he found multiple things wrong with my knees they didn't hurt enough (in his opinion) to warrant surgery, especially since if I ran marathons I'd be back in for full replacements just like his partner! Well flash forward to summer 2008, C25K started 3 months after heart attack, wearing two elastic braces on my knees. First half in Dec 09, still with the braces. Got rid of the braces in 2010 and haven't looked back! Have finished over 5 halves w/o braces. So this experiment of 1, as well as yours have proven ortho's rules of thumb wrong. BTW, no marathons for me since I am not cleared by my cardilogist and with my slow pace not sure I would really want to be on my feet for 6+ hrs! LOL


            Again - awesome job! Ya blew it away!

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              Congrats!  You destroyed this race!

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                I forgot to mention... add our first 6 splits up and notice how much under your 10k we were... keep in mind this was a 'slower' race.




                We both made personal bests on the 10k split.


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                  We were right at 46 according to my Garmin. 7:13+7:27+7:28+7:32+7:27+7:17 = 44:34. Add another .2 miles at a 7:30 pace and you get another 90 seconds. I think their mile markers were misplaced for miles 4 -8.



                  I forgot to mention... add our first 6 splits up and notice how much under your 10k we were... keep in mind this was a 'slower' race.




                  Personal Bests:

                  800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)


                    I cried for you. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.


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                      Outstanding result. Congrats!



                      I'm happy, hope you're happy too...


                        Congrats Danny!   Speedy time and glad you were finally able to run longer without injury!


                          Awesome freakin' finish time for your first! Congratulations!

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                            Great achievement.  Now print the results, highlight your name, and mail them to Dr. Dreamcrusher with a nice sarcastic note thanking them.  Sheesh, if you tell someone they won't be able to do something you ought to be pretty damn sure.  Congrats on making that happen despite the prognosis.

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                              Terrific race Dan.  It's pretty amazing what getting in the right pair of shoes can do.  Truthfully, most folks fade in the last couple of miles of a half but it looks like you ran a smart, hard race.  Very nice.

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                                Dan it's wonderful to hear that you're back to running and racing.  What a fine way to come back also!  Congratulations on such a wonderful debut.


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