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Soda?....Death! Diet Soda?......Super-Death!! Brad? Mickey? Game over........ (Read 175 times)

    I think Coke Zero has some pretty nasty stuff.

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      I think Coke Zero has some pretty nasty stuff.


      Aside from being nearly identical............theoretically, Coke Zero would be slightly less toxic for you than Diet Pepsi.


      And Pepsi Next?..........well...........that's just black plague in a can...... Cool



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        People just need to keep some things in mind.


        Years ago, coffee was thought to cause high blood pressure and heart disease.

        Today, it's thought to fight Alzheimer's, dimensia, colon and rectal cancer, diabetes, etc.


        Years ago, egg yolks and all fats were going to clog your arteries and kill you dead.  You better switch to hydrogenated veggie oils.

        Today, there are healthy fats in fish and olive oil.  Hydrogenated veggie oils are the devil.  The traditional low fat diet has the ingredients that cause the inflammation that cause the heart disease you were originally trying to avoid.


        Years ago, pasta was health food.

        Today, refined flours and sugars are yesterdays fats and cholesterol.


        Years ago, the sun was going to give us ALL cancer.

        Today, lack of sun will cause depression and SUNSCREEN is going to give you cancer.


        I could go on for days.  All I can suggest is that you enjoy life, and learn the word moderation.  I've never seen a 100 year old person that based their daily habits on the latest research.  When I was a kid, we would camp next to this old couple.  The old man ate whatever food he was offered.  I don't think he ever turned anything down.  He rarely ate large portions though.  He spent his days sitting in the sun, shooting turtles off of the dock with a bb gun, or sitting on the lake catching fish.  He liked to chew Redman tobacco, and tell ridiculous stories.  He died at 98 years of age.


        Sometimes I think people stress themselves into an early grave worrying about what's going to kill them next.


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        kind of a big deal

          totally agree with Awood.


          also, i don't see why this article is a surprise to anyone on these boards. soda has crap in it that _might_ have negative impacts on your body. anything highly processed does. that doesn't mean i'm boycotting the occasional diet dr. pepper, doritoes, nacho cheese, hot dog, etc.


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            I quit soda back in college, cold turkey and started guzzling water. I never crave it anymore (only took about a week). Take my wine away though, and there will be hell to pay.




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              So I know we all have vices and I'm no exception.  I eat good, healthy food every day but also like all my other bad-for-you stuff.   Some are questionable, but I think it's easy to say that there's no denying soda of any kind (unless you're talking mineral/seltzer water) is just not good for all.


              Even so, still enjoy my one diet soda a day at lunch time.  Hell, if it's not soda, something else is going to eventually kill us off, so might as well enjoy a treat now and then when you can.

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                Diet Coke for the win.  I drink a couple of cans a day.

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                  I was a diet mt dew junkie.  Drank tons of it.  About 8 months ago we started eating only real food as the first step to combat my kid's possible ADHD.  I figured it was only fair that I join in on the party.  After a few months off of it, I had a DMD at the finish of a marathon (October) and I could only drink about half.  Since then I havent had one sip and I dont miss it at all.


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                  Go figure

                    I'd just like to thank many of you for making me feel so much better about my one can a day pop habit! I still feel guilty about it and want to cut back though.

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                      Diet Dr.Pepper fan myself


                        I drink one diet soda every few weeks.  I know it's not great for me, but I doubt I drink enough for it to really matter.


                        The rest of the time it's water, and I haven't given up my small glass of juice with breakfast, but I like it, so I budget it into my daily calories.  I refuse to drink diet juice, I'd rather just buy 100% juice, with no sugar added, and have the calories.

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                          Every so often I'll get totally off of soda and caffeine for months at a time.  Then I'll have a groggy afternoon and drink one Diet Coke.  A couple weeks later I'll be getting three 64 oz refills a day.  I like the stuff.


                          Sugared soda (or straight Gatorade) makes me dizzy and nauseous, so that's not an option.  I'm acclimated to diet soda, sugared soda tastes like syrup.


                          Soda is acidic, but wine is at least as acidic and that's good for you.  I guess if you drink soda all the time and your teeth are exposed to it constantly, that'd be bad.  If you're drinking wine constantly, your teeth are the least of your problems.


                            When I smoked, I smoked Reds, not Lights. Today I drink soda with cane sugar. Because that diet shit is nasty no matter how good or bad it is for you.



                              Sooner or later??




                              Actually, just read on the side of my Coke Zero can "potassium benzoate" which is shown in media-type articles as "carcinogenic" as it supposedly can turn into benzene.  (I'm not seeing that in lots of places though).  And there again, I note that there are quite a few articles stating that potassium benzoate is in tons of things and still considered "safe" by the FDA here in the U.S. as well as other places such as Canada and the UK, though the UK has banned it from children's consumables.


                              Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.......


                              Its a real reaction, especially in the presence of vitamin C, however the amount of benzene created is negligible.



                              A typical person would breathe more benzene in over the course of the day than you would acquire from drinking any realistic amount of soda.



                              In addition benzoates have been fairly well studied and found not to cause increased levels of cancer in rats (see



                              But I rarely drink any soda, diet or otherwise.

                              Coffee however, thats another matter entirely.

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                              Drink up moho's!!

                                If it truly was as bad for you as that article indicated I think the FDA would put a hell of a lot more restrictions on it.


                                If you want to drink it then drink it in moderation.