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**Updated with results in OP** This girl is on fire! (5k RR w/ pics and a PR) (Read 689 times)


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    Nice job, great negative splits!

    Mile 5:49 - 5K 19:58 - 10K 43:06 - HM 1:36:54


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      Woot! Great job mama!

      Caffine and good food always keeps my migraines at bay. When you exert yourself, it's even harder to maintain that fragile balance of normal. Looks like you did a great job!


        Congrats on the PR!  Is this your first time breaking 30:00?  WTG either way!  


        You might want to watch out with the ibuprofen.   There is some concern with runners using it, though I think that has to do more with using it very regularly or using it combined with long, difficult efforts (ie marathon-length stuff).  If I feel something migraney coming on I usually do carbs+protein+salt+caffeine+excedrin and something in there seems to usually shake it off.  Glad that you avoided the migraine, though!

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          Grats Kay.  I hope you've conquered the migraine issue finally.


          Oh, and on fiyah!







            Great job Kay!! Smile


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            Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

              Standing O for Kay! Ovation that is. The super strong finish is amazing. Keep it up!

              Woo!!!!! Hoo!!!!!!




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                Sub-30!  Awesome job!

                Susan,Queen of the Crocs

                  Great job, Kay!  Congrat's on the PR.  I'm so happy that you didn't get a migraine this time.  Hopefully you've figured out the combination that will keep those headaches away!

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                    Great job!  Nice splits and great report!

                    5k PR Oct 2012 - 23:20

                    5k Goal 2013 - 21:5x



                      Great job!



                        Thanks for mentioning it.  I drank coffee yesterday but it didn't help.  Maybe I needed more shots from Starbucks?

                        Migraines are a direct side effect of caffeine withdrawals.  A sudden drop in caffeine consumption, or sporadic use (drinking coffee all week at work but not on the weekends) can trigger them.


                        So while you will start drinking coffee again Monday morning, it may take two days before the headaches to stop.  So you get Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of no headaches, only to repeat the vicious cycle starting all over again Saturday morning.


                        Not many people know this so you never pay attention to how much coffee you drink, when you drink it or more importantly, when you stop.  Look it up, it's real.


                          Still no migraine. I think I'm more happy about that than the actual race, PR and all. I can't tell you what a relief it is!

                          Do you even run?

                            You hit the trifecta!  Negative splits, a new PR, and some new gal pals.  Good job!  Glad you had an awesome experience.

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                              Hey, already Sub 30. Good job, KPS. Now go gift me a land permit and shit. 

                                Nice work on the new PR, Kay!