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I got a new toy today. (Read 507 times)


    This is perfect for me. DH originally bought me a mens GPS watch that was way too big for me. This fits perfect. I have no idea how you ladies with small wrists run in yours.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the higher versions have, but I'm ok with that. I wouldn't notice the difference anyway and this is PERFECT for what I need it for. Very excited to use it. In regards to the manual, I've got DH trying to figure it out for me. Smile 

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      It's lovely Smile I got the green and white one, and it fits my manishly big wrist very well too, so it seems good for both sides of the scale!


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        AND IT'S PINK!!

        (because really it must look good first, then work good second Wink )


        enjoy it!


          AND IT'S PINK!!

          (because really it must look good first, then work good second Wink )


          enjoy it!


          Yes! Remember I mentioned this as a prerequisite? LOL.

          Running is my mental-Ctrl-Alt-Del. 


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            Very cute!! I have very small wrists (my RoadID is a small) and my Forerunner 210 fits me fine, but when I had the 405, I had the velcro band and it was MUCH more comfortable.

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                We got DD the green version for Christmas.  Previously, she kept borrowing my GPS watch and messing up my "fastest run" records.

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                  Enjoy it.



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                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!


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                    Good deal!


                    Got my Garmin 305 for Christmas last year. Took my 1 year anniversary run with it yesterday. It's been a great running tool for me.

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                      You'll soon be ruined, trust me I know Big grin

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                        Sweet!  I got the manly black one.  Ran with it yesterday and it rocks.  Super easy to use.


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                          Hooray!  I hope you have many great runs with it.


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                            Small wrist, big Garmins (310 and 910)... I'm willing to suffer for it.  Wink


                            But that's an awesome gift!

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                              Small wrists here too. I have a small roadID as well. My 610 is biggish but not crazy big.My black one with the metal back was heavier, which is where I noticed the bulk really, when I ran, it "flopped" a lot. My new white 610 has a plastic back and I hardly notice my watch anymore, it is so much lighter! The girl I run with has a 310. I swear that damn thing is a desktop computer! But she says you get used to it.

                              I like yours! Very cute!

                                You'll never leave home (for a run) without it.