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HI GUYS! I've missed you! Fill me in! (Read 155 times)


rather be sprinting

    Thanks for the invite to the group, Docket Rocket.  How is everyone?  Since I quit the absurdly run RW forums, I've really missed you all!


    So tell me: who's blasting PRs? running ultras? other gossip?  I want to hear about you all.



    As for me I'm no longer injured (YAY) and happy to jump back into running.  I decided that I train better on my own so I'm not working out with my team anymore, and I feel satisfied with that decision.  I'm back to training in the way that works best for me (which, yeah, speed and sprints) and if I want to race at some point and see where I am, I will, but I don't feel pressure to do so anymore. Because of that I've got tons of time to focus on my weight lifting and I recently hit 154 lbs x 5 for the back squat and 120 lbs for the power clean.  I've also learned to swim.


    Oh, and I'm running my own tutoring business, which is going great.  But enough about me, please fill me in on you guys.

    PRs: 5k 19:25, mile 5:38, HM 1:30:56

    Lifting PRs: back squat 176 lb

      Welcome to RA, I think you will like it here.


      Me? 7 month post op for colon cancer and running strong.

      Bad Ass

        Hi!  Welcome (back!)



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


          Welcome back. This place is happy enough, but we need to get the post count up. I know as a lurker that's pretty lame, but I'm trying. to post more. Have you been racing?



          "It's not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves."

          ~ Sir Edmund Hillary

            Scap.  Welcome back to one of my favorite poster.  Great to see you.  As for me, I've run a couple of races in the last two weeks.


            UC Half Marathon


            Boston Marathon

            Short term goal: 17:59 5K

            Mid term goal:  2:54:59 marathon

            Long term goal: To say I've been a runner half my life.  (I started running at age 45).



              Supp Scap!


              You finally concluded what some of us saw with the pressure and obligations of the running club and especially all the distance running.  You are a free spirit runner, as many of us are and function better that way, running what you want to run not what you have to run.


              Glad to see you back but more importantly, glad to see you happy.  That was a long winding road you were on!


              How's dad?  Is he still running?  I seem to remember him throwing up some sub-8:00's in a 5k, does that sound right?


                Hi Scap! I'm happy to see you back here. And I'm especially happy to hear that you're doing great. Smile

                PRs: Boston Marathon, 3:27, April 15th 2013

                        Cornwall Half-Marathon, 1:35, April 27th 2013

                18 marathons, 18 BQs since 2010

                delicate flower

                  Nice to see you here, Scap!


                  I've gone from runner to cripple, but that's about all I've got to report on my end.


                  100K or Bust - Busted

                    Glad to see you moved from the main forums to our little user group. I like training with groups, but if the workouts don't fit, you have to move on. Great to hear you're injury free again. What are you tutoring?


                    I still check the milers thread at RW but even the tone of that seems to be changing with the new software there.


                    As one of the runners at Immaculata Univ said, I've moved to the dark side. After the indoor season I changed modes and am training for my first ultra in Sep.

                    2017 Goals: for races not to be exercises in futility


                    Go figure

                      Hey, nice to see you over here. I'm glad you found what's working best for you with the running and that you're feeling healthy and strong. Are you liking the swimming?


                      As for me, I just ran my goal marathon and got my sub3 yesterday.

                      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                        Oh our strong and fast scappodaqui has come to us!   It sounds like you're doing fantastic, and I'm so glad to hear that you've not been sidelined by injuries.  I've enjoyed being on RA, much less hassle as far as how it's run-- no disruptive advertising, very little censoring, and from what I can tell less drama even. Welcome, and I hope you find a home with us again!


                        "We do not become the people who this world needs simply by turning our backs on anyone we don’t like, trust, or deem healthy enough to be in our presence. "  ---- Shasta Nelson


                          Good to see you, Scap!  I'm glad to see you're doing well and have found your running groove.


                          Beer-and-waffle Powered

                            It's good to see you back and not injured! Welcome (again).

                            In the words of my late-coach : Just hang in there, relax... and at the end of a race anyone you see.....just pass them


                            rather be sprinting

                              hog4life--wow, I'm SO glad you beat the cancer.  My grandfather detected his colon cancer too late to heal well, and it has been bad news for him.  Congratulations on the recovery and the running.


                              Damaris-- hi Smile


                              Kiwi Runner--I have not been racing (and yes, post more).  I really feel strongly about racing only when I am at my fittest, otherwise it is just a miserable experience, and since I had plantar fasciitis I've only JUST run 1 week over 20 miles (that was last week).  I have some work to do to get in race shape.  That said, my eye is on track races this season. Big grin


                              LtH--bummer about the distance confusion on your half marathon but still, amazing time.  And... wow, you were in Boston?  Eeep.  Actually, I bet a good number of you were--I hope all are OK.


                              LRB--YEP, you nailed it.  I think I just do not like to be told what to do! Dad is still running but has been having some knee issues because of his tennis, so no speed work for him for now.  He's eyeing a sub-7 on the Fifth Avenue Mile this year, though..


                              Happylily--that is a new HM PR, isn't it?  AMAZING, WOW.


                              Baboon, what happened?  I'm so sorry to hear that.


                              WC--I'm an SAT tutor.  Busy season for me!  I'm intrigued by your ultra.  Seems like the one thing you haven't done, right?


                              SheCan--aw, thanks for the sweet welcome.  Yep, this site seems a ton more user-friendly, for sure.  Now if only I can figure out how to force myself into logging my workouts here instead of on my OLDschool account...


                              workinprogress--thanks Smile


                              Adam McAllen--nice to see you and thanks.



                              YAY BF (v. 2)  and now off to post in Dailies.  Is it bad etiquette if I seriously cannot reply to everyone in that thread?  It is insanely long.

                              PRs: 5k 19:25, mile 5:38, HM 1:30:56

                              Lifting PRs: back squat 176 lb


                              Super B****



                                I'm glad you've found something that works for you and are healthy!

                                chasing 5:59


                                because i never shut up ... i blog