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2012 Year in Review (Read 543 times)

    Reading through everyone's accomplishments is pretty fun. Great year of running people! For me...


    PR'd at the Houston half-marathon back in January (1:21:14). Also a PR in the mile this year.

    Enjoyed a record setting Boston marathon. Unfortunately the record was the high temperature for that date.  Smile Not so good for running

    Ran in my 5th Ragnar Relay but first one as an ultra team. Raced 3 legs totaling 36 miles in ~ 16 hours....a bit tougher than I had anticipated.

    Watched my oldest daughter run another season of high school cross country

    Watched my youngest daughter finish her first solo 5K and then ran with her later in the year as she went sub 30 for the first time.

    Another successful year of being a pacer (1 full and 3 half's) for the pace team I run with.

    4 AG awards.


    Looking forward to 2013!





      I had a pretty good year, though I only raced 10 times which was a lot less than planned. I was 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the 55-59 age group for all my races, and set new 50+ PR's in the 5K, 4 miles and 12K. Best race was the Bloomsday 12K, where I finished 213th over-all out of about 48,000 finishers and 3rd in my A/G.. The most fun race was the Windermere Marathon Relay which I ran with my youngest daughter, who is just getting started with running in her 20's. I had to cut way back and then take off about 4 months from running starting in June due  to sore feet and ankles, but those problems are now resolved and I'm getting back into condition for 2013. I should hit 1400 miles for 2012, which will be an all-time high for me.


      - Cecil


        The only bad thing about my running year was that I started 2012 with a minor hip flexor issue, and as I was about to get rid of it got the same injury on the other side which has never happened to me ever regarding dualing issues.


        It happened in part because I didn't rest it enough, but will get to or come close to 1,500 miles which is my second most. I ran 11 races which ties my most, and my times have been the fastest in 5 years. A year ago we bought a home close enough to run the hills along the Boston Marathon course which has been my weekly long run.

          Worst year ever for running....It was a learning experience because of injury.... I just ran about 250 miles total this year and just 1 - 5k race . My problem was runners knee.

          I am ready to start over for the new year.


            You all are very inspirational and some of the milage that you are able to turn out boggles my mind.


            I had an okay year, I guess, in that I kept going when I almost quit. I had lost my runnjng partner, and runnjng at o'dark thirty alone as a female sometimes freaks me out. I let that fact keep me from runnng for a huge chunk of the year. Then CRL posted a picture of the medal of a local race that I really liked and that motivated me to get going again.  Now, by a Christmas miracle,may running buddy's husband's job changed so that we can run together again! Yay! I have to thank Lois for supporting me and texting me for motivation when I was depressed about losing my running buDdy. I'm back n track, but frustrated in thefitness I've lost and weight I gained. I'm looking forward to a better 2013.


            Jenny, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs.


              2012 seemed to be my personalAnnus horribilis. Nothing seemed to be going right, then in April my baby broke bones in a fall, and I was diagnosed with a tumour in my inner ear. Surgery, losing my hearing, it was a really shitty first half of the year. July, I decided to start C25K to try and improve my fitness and health. Then I broke my toe kicking a bloody rocking horse, so I tried starting again 2 weeks later, lol. December 2011 I weighed 254. I weigh 221 now. Still have big changes to make. I've ran two 5K races, which is huge for me as I am extremely self conscious.


              2013, I would like to get below 200lbs. I want to be able to run 6 miles. I really don't want the tumour to regrow and I find out CT results in 2 weeks. Getting my 5K time from 37 minutes to 32 minutes would be amazing too.



                Started running in September.  Went from barely being able to knock out a 3-miler to running my first half marathon last weekend!  Looking forward to continuing to build my base and getting my pace down.

                  It was a very bad year for me.


                  I only started running in Aug. 2011.  I built up my mileage to 35 mpw in preparation for a HM in early March and another in late April.  Four days before my race, I developed a pelvic stress fracture.  End of running for almost nine months.  I was able to walk normally in July, tried to start running again in August, had to stop three weeks later because it still hurt, tried again in a couple of weeks, stopped, spent an additional 6 weeks waiting impatiently, and finally was able to start running again at the end of November.  At this point I can run for 3 miles.  I still have some low level pain, but not while running, so I continue, but I'm pretty aware that I could end up benched again at any point.


                  Still, at least I'm running.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to do the long runs I enjoy, but I'm hoping that I can build up the mileage again next year.  Just not as quickly as I did last year.

                    I moved to Beijing at the very beginning of this year, so that pretty much defined 2012 running wise and otherwise. Running wise it sucked. I will be finishing the year with around 415 miles. I would say I actually enjoyed less than 50 of those miles.


                    I only did one race, but I had a great experience there despite being very painfully undertrained. Besides that the only good thing I have to say about running this year is that I never actually quit.



                    Jess runs for bacon

                      2012 was my first full year of running (I started in November in 2011). Since then I have run:

                      1 1 mile

                      10 5ks

                      2 10ks

                      3 Half Marathons

                      1 Tough Mudder


                      I started marathon training (week 6 as we speak). I've met lots of awesome people, seen some pretty awesome places, and so far haven't hurt myself too badly, but took a two month break over the summer. I even got a friend to start running.


                      Really enjoying reading all of these, keep them coming!




                        The first half of the year went very well: 70+ day running streak; AGs and PRs in several races


                        Then came July, a work reorg and dismally limited running; gained weight; got severely depressed; turned 60...


                        Then in late-October my world and I did a 180: the Giants won teh WS; I started running regularly again; I realized that even at 60 I am in better shape than many half my age -- in short I began to look forward to a much better 2013.


                        Happy New Year!


                          I began running in 2/2011 so this was my second year of running.  I ended up running 12 races this year!  A couple of 10k's, a 20k, a 4 miler, a 7 miler, 3 HM's and the rest were 5k's. I didn't feel like I was making much progress, but by the end of the year I'm running my training 10k route at close to what was race pace for me last year.  Most of all, I feel better.  I hit about 850 miles this year, pledge 1000 again next year.

                            I think it's amazing what everyone has accomplished, here's to another year of success!


                            For me, my original goal was to not have a running injury, and I accomplished that.

                            I pledged 1000 miles for the 2012in2012 game, and will hit around 1260 miles.

                            Most importantly though, is that I accomplished this while beating colon cancer.


                              I think it's amazing what everyone has accomplished, here's to another year of success!


                              For me, my original goal was to not have a running injury, and I accomplished that.

                              I pledged 1000 miles for the 2012in2012 game, and will hit around 1260 miles.

                              Most importantly though, is that I accomplished this while beating colon cancer.


                              Your last statement is very inspirational and a blessing! Smile

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                              "Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious." - Rumi


                              Fatty McFatFat

                                I had 5 running goals in 2012:

                                * 27: xx 5K - Done! (6/3/2012)

                                * sub-60 10K - Done! (6/24/2012)

                                * 2:15: xx Half Marathon - Done! (3/18/2012)

                                * sub-5 (first!) Marathon -Done! ( 11/10/2012)

                                * 1500 Miles Total - Done! (10/10/2012)



                                Mileage for the year so far is 1838, so well above my goal of 1500.   I held up well physically, even finding that I thrived on the higher mileage weeks I did for marathon training. I raced in MA (where I live), ME, and VA; I ran in CA, HI, WI, NJ.  I ended up with a total of 100.x miles raced, which is a fun round number.  I peed myself for the first time in a race.  I PR'd in all distances that I raced.  Overall, a great growth year.