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Ridiculously Long Boston Report with a Bunch of Pics (Read 234 times)



    I know they let the soldiers who are marching with rucksacks start early and I think they let some folks with mobility impairments or other special needs individual start early.  


    The soldiers start maybe as early as 6. A bunch are ROTCs as someone I know from UMASS did it last year.


    Nice race report and great pictures. I know some of the volunteers in your pictures. I got pictures of Josh and Desi but am cut/paste challenged on this site.

      Excellent report, Brad.


      I know you were looking forward to the experience since qualifying, great to see that you were able to relish the day.

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        It sounds like you had an amazing Boston Experience, start to finish.  I'm happy for you.


        And with all the fun you had, I think you're ready to run Disney. Big grin


          What a fun race report.  Congratulations on all the hard work you put in to get there.  I'm glad you were able to enjoy the race, spectators and the beer.

            Such a great report, and outstanding pictures too!  I'm really glad that you decided to post it, and even more glad that you actually had fun at a race! lol


            Plus, I learned a very important lesson for when I get to Boston, bring toilet paper with me to athletes village!



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              Congrats on a fun race, despite the tragedy that happened.  Cool that you took so many pictures, and still had a speedy time!

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                well, what can I say.  Your light weekly mileage surpasses that of many other semi-serious BQ hopefuls.  Your easy race pace easily gets you into Boston.... with stops for mile markers, kisses and beer.


                Congrats - You certainly are a darn good runner.

                  Question: Aren't there quite a few runners in the race who didn't run qualifying times? They raised money for charity or whatever so they didn't have to qualify? Just wondering if that's why he saw people walking and blowing up so much. 


                  People walk and blow up because they are undertrained.  Like me.

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                    Very fun RR!  Glad you were able to kick back and have fun!

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                      I rarely comment on RR's, but am making a point of reading all the Boston RR's.... great report Brad.  Loved the pics and the poop story


                        That's a great race report LTH!


                        Great pictures too!  You did it the right way for sure.

                          Brad, thank you for sharing this experience. With all the great RR's from Boston, this makes me feel as though I should run it.


                          Go figure

                            Sounds like you had a hell of a time - which is exactly what you set out to do.  I agree, no reason to feel guilty about that.  Given all the picture taking and just the sheer amount of people, you actually ran a heck of a time.  The bathroom experience pre-race was awful and hilarious, and I can just imagine what a relief it was to find those napkins.  Thanks for sharing your experience.

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                            Drink up moho's!!

                              Congrats on the Boston Finish, loved the report!



                                Nice race, nice report. I like that you enjoyed it and slowed it down and all, but still had a pretty killer finishing time.


                                Also, love the pic of you kneeling on the Boston Marathon mat with your jacket on...



                                I'm happy, hope you're happy too...