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The Half Marathon Race during Marathon Training (Read 267 times)


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      Agree with the above posters than a half isn't necessary in the 2 months before. It is helpful to have some sort of tune-up race (10-mile, 15k, or 10k, in order of preference) so you get a directional indicator of where your fitness is relative to prior periods.  I'd be reasonably confident in calling a reasonable MP off one of these races, especially with some points of comparison to prior races.

      Also, if you've had  good training cycle, the tune-up race can be a great confidence builder.  But if it requires a lot of travel that you wouldn't do except for the race... not really worthwhile IMO.





        I didn't race one for either of my marathons, but it was more because the marathons themselves were the focus.


        Similarly, I probably wouldn't race a 10k before a goal half marathon.  Not that there's anything wrong with doing either, I just wouldn't.  All things being equal that is, as I have learned with running to never say never.  Wink