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Friday Penguins like Happy Holidays and Happy Hours! (Read 193 times)

    Good morning all. Rest day for me. I have a question for the "A vs Z race of the century" are both of them running in real races also, or are they running time trials and then submitting their times here? I missed something.

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      Good morning Penguins!


      No running for me today, but I did just do an intense workout!



      • Fire Hydrants (Begin on all fours, raise leg directly to the side until parallel with the floor, hold for 3 seconds): 200 for each side
      • Wall Sits: 8 minutes
      • Squats: 200
      • Calf Raises: 200
      • Flutter Kicks (2-3 feet off the ground, every other scissor-kick equals one rep): 200 reps
      • Reach Ups (begin on back with legs and arms pointing to the sky, curl upper body and reach for toes with outstretched arms): 200
      • Side Crunches: 200 on each side
      • Bicycle Crunches (keep heels 4 inches off the floor, each knee touch is one rep): 325
      • Reverse Curls (lie on back, curl legs toward chest while keeping upper body still): 200
      • Crunches: 200

      This was my FB workout challenge for today. Hope no one passes out from it!


      I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

      Bad Ass

        Morning!  I have a big migraine, ugh.  5 miles later tonight.


        Hope you guys behave while I'm in court.  But I would prefer to be in bed, bah!



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!


        Fast Penquin

          Morning al!


          I would do personals but reading Rach's workout made me want to go take a nap...


          Did 5.2 this morning fairly quick.  I need to start ratcheting up the weekend long runs or my half is going to hurt...  Though I seem to be getting in a decent amount of miles in.


          Have a happy Friday all!

          Tick: I'm sure millions of viewers out there are just wondering what it's like to wear the tights of justice. Well, it's tingly and it's uncomfortable, but it gets the job done and, oh, the job of it.

          His Slowness

            Happy Friday Penguins!  Got in my 3 this morning but was dissappointed not to see any meteors.  Off to the first of endless meetings today!



              ERLH, I work the swing too. 8 hour shift, switching every week.

              Bad Ass

                Morning al!


                I would do personals but reading Rach's workout made me want to go take a nap...


                Did 5.2 this morning fairly quick.  I need to start ratcheting up the weekend long runs or my half is going to hurt...  Though I seem to be getting in a decent amount of miles in.


                Have a happy Friday all!


                Me too!



                "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                Barking Mad To Run

                  Partey!  Everyone show up at Gustav's house!  Big grin  Happy Friday!  Enjoy the party, Gustav!


                  Sounds like a busy 'relatives' weekend for you, Kristi!


                  Good luck with the race tomorrow, Gustav.  Cold and rainy doesn't sound very nice.


                  Happy miles, Mitch!  Yay for the last night shift!


                  Dang, Jimmy, should you even be at work?  I know, you just wanted to share all that stuff with your co-workers. Wink  Hope you feel better!


                  Kristin, so sorry about your Zombie feeling.  Hope the week's rest will get you all rejuvenated!


                  Enjoy your family party tonite, ERLH, and seeing those you haven't seen in a while. I guess I'm weird or something, missing the "I care about family" gene or whatever, cuz I'm glad I live in Texas, more than a thousand miles from my family, and don't have to deal with them.  We are not exactly what you call a close family.  I left home when I was 18 and never looked back.  Everyone in my family all went their separate ways.   Is that strange? I dunno, but it seems to work for all of us.  I consider Gail my family and consider myself very lucky to have found her and be spending time with this lady who is the love of my life.   Wow, you are turning into quite the Early Bird runner!  Enjoy your new Garmin.


                  Happy strength training, Jerry.  Hope your DW is getting back to 100% and getting her running mojo back.


                  You are getting speedy, Liz.  So much for chasing your Great Legs!   Admissions Committee?  You have to interview horses to let them get into the shows?  So is Mr. Ed their translator for you?  "A horse is a horse, of course, of course,  and no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse, Is the famous Mister Ed!Big grin  I bet that song will be stuck in your head now...


                  Tomas, I believe they are each doing an actual 5K race. My money is on Zelanie.  I always back the ladies. Smile


                  Good gravy, Rach!  Are you planning to cross-train into the PJs?  For those of you not military, the PJs (Pararescue Jumpers) are kind of the Air Force's "Navy Seals"...except the PJs, if I recall correctly,  are not quite as 'heartily' trained as the Seals, since their mission operations are not usually as intense as what the Seals sometimes have to deal with.   Even so, these PJs are in some darn shape.  When I got married to Gail, one of my good friends who was a PJ was my best man.


                  Sorry about the migraine, Damaris.  How do you deal with that in court?  Hope it goes away quickly for you. 


                  You are doing some real quality running and getting the miles in, Brady!  Your weekly mileage makes mine look like Kindergarten stuff, lol.


                  but was dissappointed not to see any meteors.  Gee, Bill, maybe the aliens in their space ships shot them up...nee nee nee nee...nee nee....  Wink    I bet you'd love running in Marfa, Texas.  Look it up.  Joking


                  I work the swing too. 8 hour shift, switching every week.  Dang, Mitch, what a schedule, that would drive me crazy.  How in the heck does your body clock deal with that?   What do you do again?



                  AFM: I was going to go run at Fort Sam yesterday after work, but found I'd left my military ID at home, duhhh.  So I went home, changed, and then went over to the park near my house and got in 3.2 miles.  After the last couple days of chilly weather, San Antonio was back to normal and it was a nice 64 degrees for my run/walk that started at 4:30 PM.  There were several others out on the paved trails too, enjoying the nice weather, runners, walkers, cyclists....and DEER!  But I saw them ahead of me this time and so was able to avoid being knocked down yet again by them.  Big grin


                  Today is a rest day.  Tomorrow, I MAY have a race at 4 PM.  Haven't decided on it, yet. It is a first-time event and from the flurry of emails I've been seeing on it, it seems quite disorganized.  So I may just pass on it and go run on my own.   Sunday, I definitely have a 5K in Shiner, Texas (about a 90 minute drive from San Antonio).  I am doing the 5K that is associated with the half marathon.  BOTH races sold out in less than 2 months!   Here is the can you go wrong with a run called Shiner BEER Run?  Big grin


                  Looks like fun!

                  "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                    Tomas, both of us are running in real races, but in different places.  We're both coming off an increase in mileage without much/any speedwork.  And we both have similar current PRs.  So we will both leave our electronics at home, run our races, and may the best runner win.

                    Like I said yesterday, though, my race isn't until 4:30 Pacific so I might have to keep you all in suspense for most of the day.  I won't peek at Awood's time until after.


                    My official goal is to PR (sub 26:45), since the course was maybe suspect in my last race, and I need to put that nagging doubt to rest.  I also have a super secret goal, but we'll see if it's realistic or not come race day.


                    The forecast here also calls for rain, so we even have similar conditions for our races!


                    I had a great run with the running club last night.  We all agreed to take it easy last night, but our average pace was 9:14 with one of the last miles sub-9.  Oops!


                    Tonight is normally a RD, and since I'm not streaking I will take it off.  This is still my highest-ever mileage week.  Tonight I have to bake cookies.  Tomorrow I have to work at Weight Watchers and then go to a holiday cookie party before my race.


                    Gustav- Enjoy the party!


                    Kristi- Good luck with your holiday preparations!


                    Awood- Good luck tomorrow!


                    Mitch- Enjoy your run later.


                    Jimmy- Glad you're on the mend.


                    Kristin- Hope that the rest helps.  Are you going to race this weekend?


                    Jerry- Enjoy whatever workout you end up with!


                    Liz- Great fast miles!


                    ERLH- Congrats on the Garmin!


                    Tomas- Enjoy the RD!


                    Rach- Nice workout!


                    D- I hope your migraine improves.


                    Brady- Good job getting the miles in already!


                    Bill- Good luck at the meetings.


                    Scotty- Glad you avoided the deer!  Have fun this weekend!


                      Awood & Zel, good luck at your races!!!  You're both gonna do great! Smile


                      Got to see a few meteors last night, one was incredible, lasted for a couple of seconds and streaked a good ways across the sky. 


                      10 miles on tap for me later today, no one had to be up early, so I didn't see the point in getting up at 5am to go run. lol


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                        Morning, Penguins!!  I bailed on chorus rehearsal last night in favor of a bubble bath and an early bedtime (like 8:30 early).  This time of year is so busy, and I know if I let myself get overwhelmed and run down, I'm going to get sick.  Since I don't want that, I'm taking "me" breaks whenever I can squeeze them in, and last night seemed like a good night.  I might swim today, and then W2D3 happens tomorrow morning, before Christmas caroling.  Woo-hoo!

                        Gustav -- enjoy the party!!

                        Kristi -- enjoy your family!!

                        awood -- good luck with your race tomorrow!!

                        hog -- good luck with your miles, and woo-hoo for only one more night shift!!

                        jblack -- hope you feel better!!

                        kristin -- a week off is not necessarily a bad thing.  Taking five months off like me is not a good idea.  Hope you feel better!!

                        ERLH -- good morning!!  Woo-hoo for your early workout, and your Garmin!!

                        Jerryb -- have a good workout, and hope you and DW get some miles in!!

                        Doc -- woo-hoo for getting your miles in, and enjoy your parties!!

                        T-rod -- enjoy your SRD!!

                        Rach -- will it help me if I just read your workout?

                        Docket -- hope your migraine goes away!!

                        Brady -- get that training in, son!!

                        Bill -- hope you stay awake in all your meetings!!

                        Scotty -- have fun with your RD and beer run!!

                        Zelanie -- good luck with your race!  (and beat awood silly!!)

                        D2 -- good luck with your miles later!!

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                        Miles to Go

                          Oh wait, I forgot to tell about me... I don't think I've ever forgotten to talk about myself. Cool


                          I got up again at 5am! Whoop! I did a 4 1/2 mile run.  At least I think that's about right.  I'll have to drive the route in my car.  OH! I ordered a Garmin!  Garmin 410 was on sale for half price on  The BF said we have to share it.  I'm still pretty excited!   


                          Let us know how the Garmin works out.  It's on my Christmas list.  Tired of mapping our routes that change every day.  And It's gotten harder to do on the new "Mini".

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                          Smaller By The Day

                            On my phone right now, but this is fun. I see some people taking sides, and having some fun with this. If I PR tomorrow, I'll owe part of that to Zel. Good luck tomorrow Zel! I was looking at my schedule for next week, and this race couldn't come at a better time. Next week I'm adding strides 2-3 times a week, and adding the long run back in. That will put me at about 48 miles per week. This should be fun.


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                              Hey everybody, I'm checking in here a ltitle late.


                              SRD for me today.  Tomorrow I'm targeting a 9 mile LR, which will be my longest so far.  I've done a couple of 8.5 milers, so adding half a mile is more of a mental stretch than physical.


                              Judging by the aromas coming from the Crock Pots and chafing dishes set up in the hallway, our building's potluck lunch is going to be yummy.  I will certainly be well-fueled for tomorrow's run. 


                              Good luck A and Z in your race.  I'll check back Sunday night to see the results.

                              Jack K.

                              uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

                                Hi Pens,

                                I hope all is well.  I ran 4 last night. It has been getting cold here, finally, and because I have to do a lot of runs at night, I broke down and got my first pair of running tights! They took a bit of getting used to, but I kind of like them. They definitely keep me warmer than I was without them. By the way, for my area, "cold" is upper 40's.  SRD for me today and tomorrow morning I am running in the Homeboy Industries 5k with DW and both DDs. It is a great fundraiser that helps rehab former gang members by putting them to work, tattoo removal, etc...  So, because I am in a 5k, does that mean I am in the race with Zel and awood? Wink


                                After that is done, I am driving to San Diego to visit a friend of 35 years. We went to middle school, high school, and college together at SDSU. He stayed in the San Diego area and has season tickets to the basketball games and we are going to a game tomorrow night. Sunday morning he is following me to La Jolla where I will leave my car and then he is dropping me off eight miles north of there in Del Mar. I want to run part of a HM course before I sign up for it. There is a hill up Torrey Pines that gains about 450' in a 1.5 miles so I want to check it out.  It is right on the coast and should be beautiful. I just hope it doesn't rain.


                                Have a great weekend, Pens!