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2013 in 2013 Team 5 - Auhugh!! Time to post miles for Week 2! (Read 398 times)


Warrior Princess

    TEAM 2013-5
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    Our Facebook group is



    Come say hi, vote for a team name, and if someone would like to be captain feel free to volunteer.  But as I clearly have plenty of time on my hands, I'm ok with being captain as long as you all don't mind someone incapable when it comes to spreadsheets.

    Canadian princess

      I sent a request on FB.

      delicate flower





          Merry christmas team!

          Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.


          Warrior Princess

            And to all of you too!!!  Smile


            I got plane tickets to my favorite race.  What running goodies did you get?

            Trail Monster

              Merry Christmas!

              2013 races:

              3/17 Shamrock Marathon

              4/20 North Coast 24 Hour

              7/27 Burning RIver 100M

              8/24 Baker 50M

              10/5 Oil Creek (distance to be determined)


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              Altra Zero Drop

                Merry Christmas!

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                The Iberian Wonder

                  Just checking in. I have also requested to be added to the Facebook group.


                  Good luck to everyone! I am very excited about hitting my mileage goals this coming year.

                  Current PR's:  5K - 22:43 | 8K/5Mi - 36:35 | 10K - 53:23 | 10Mi - 1:33:44 | HM - 1:58:02 | Marathon - N/A

                                           Sprint Triathlon - 1:27:37 | Olympic Triathlon - N/A


                  2013 Goals:     5K - 20:59 | 8K/5Mi - 34:59 | 10K - 44:59 | 10Mi - 1:14:59 | HM - 1:44:59 | Marathon - 3:59:59

                                           Sprint Triathlon - N/A | Olympic Triathlon - 2:39:59

                    So this is kind of funny, I have no idea where to post.  We have a thread at that "other" place, we have a thread here, and we have a FB group.  Eeeeeny meeeeny meiny mo... to which chat thread do we go?  Catch a tiger by the tail, if we post in the wrong one, we're gonna fail.

                    Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.


                    Warrior Princess

                      I think almost everyone has joined the FB group that has checked in at any of the other places.  Personally, I am not real big on RW these days - I pretty much only head over there for miles game related stuff.  I'll start a team thread there the first few weeks for the benefit of anyone who may have missed out but my intention would be that our communication be through FB.  I've got to sift through the members to start matching up screen names to faces and figure out who might be missing.  I fear, though, given that I have started posts EVERYWHERE about this that those who have not checked in are among the RW casualties.

                        That's certainly possible, hasn't even thought Of that.  The first few weeks will share all that out I think.

                        Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.


                        Warrior Princess

                          Only one other team has more members on their FB group than ours so hopefully if there is attrition, it will be evenly distributed.  We have 21 out of 26 members in the FB group at the moment.

                            So how does one go about getting on a team?  I take this is all about the miles and not how fast or slow you do them?


                            Do I have to pledge or something?

                            2014 Goals: (Yeah I suck)

                            • Sub 22  5K
                            • Sub 1:35 1/2 marathon 
                            • Sub 3:25:00 Marathon

                              BCR, yes, this game is not about speed, but just about setting a mileage goal, and then reporting your data each week.  The game was announced a few weeks ago, and teams were assigned last week.  I think the game is closed right now.

                              Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.

                              Canadian princess

                                Is there any way to open it up for a few days? It would be great if this wasn't just a rwol game.