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Fraser Counseling Center 5K RR (Read 54 times)


Team TJ

    This morning I ran the Fraser Counseling Center 5K.  This race benefits Helen's Haven, a local safe house for abused children.


    I didn't have high hopes for a great time since I have been fighting a sore shin for a few days.  To try to combat the sore leg, I bought new shoes Tuesday night.  I've heard many times, never run a race in brand new shoes.  Well, they weren't new since I ran in them once already.


    I started the race very near the front for the first time and I'll say that makes a huge difference in race traffic.  My first mile was a pain free 9 minutes.  At the turn around I looked at my watch and saw 14:06....happy!  The run back to the finish was downhill, well as downhill as it gets in coastal Georgia.  When I made the turn into the parking area at the YMCA I could see 27Tight lippedx on the clock!  I crossed the finish line at 27:54, a huge new PR for me!!  My previous PR was 29:19.  How do you PR a race by 1:25 with a sore shin?  Who cares how, I did it!  Really, don't doubt your ability and you can accomplish more than you will ever imagine!


    Here's a shot of TJ waiting for me to finish.


    Almost there...


    Hitting the finish line with a big new PR


    Me and my two best supporters!


    2nd Place in the 45-54 AG!  Bib #2 must have been good luck!



    Thanks for taking time to read my RR.

    Running for TJ because he can't.


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      Congrats on your huge PR and AG award! That's so great!

      You Rang?

        Congratulations on your AG award and your shiny new PR!  I also love your bib number... #2!




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          Congrats Robert! Your hard work is paying off!


          Congrats on the award and love the pic of you in front of the sign.

            Great job Robert! Looks like I was a beautiful day!

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              Nice job. Plenty more PRs to come.

              Bad Ass

                Congrats on the PR and the AG award.  TJ must be very proud.



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                  Great job on the PR and AG award!! Big grin


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                    Woohoo! That's fantastic! Congratulations on the big PR and AG award! Great job, Robert, I'm so happy for you. Smile I'm sure the love and support from your two awesome fans helped you a lot. Thanks, for sharing with us those great pictures! Smile

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                      Congratulations on the PR and AG!


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                        Congrats Robert on the PR.


                          Way to go, Robert!!  Congrats on your shiny new PR and on your AG award!!   You totally ROCKED it!!

                          But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

                          Jack K.

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                            Nice, Robert! You are rocking those socks!! Smile



                              That is a cause that is near and dear to my heart.


                              Congrats on the PR!

                              Don't call me Buttercup!

                                Whoo hooo!!  I knew you got a PR on this one, but I didn't realize you had an AG placement, as well!! Congrats!

                                Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to!