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Week 1 Nag list is up - updated (Read 244 times)


Drink up moho's!!

    2013in2013 Week 1 NAG LIST


    Member Team
    ButlerMom 7 Deadly Shins
    ldackerman 7 Deadly Shins
    LikeHoney Auhugh!!
    Love the Half Auhugh!!
    SgtMojo Auhugh!!
    Itsup2memi Best Pace Scenario
    Iwantutorun Best Pace Scenario
    Albu Collective Soles
    sirdizzy Collective Soles
    PopcornFrog Fast Company
    zbonii Fast Company
    AMorgan Individual
    Annoula2Xionia Individual
    catsav64 Individual
    Comm115 Individual
    Dano_TR Individual
    fmrClydesdale Individual
    lefty_logan Individual
    mafar Individual
    NJBoilermaker Individual
    pinkysmama Individual
    sprinj76 Individual
    hawkeyerunner1988 Mayhem
    jomcd_90 Mayhem
    Runshortii2008 Mayhem
    kstreets Mileage Monsters
    Malletgirl02 Mileage Monsters
    NYer in SLC Mileage Monsters
    ZubenElGenubi Mileage Monsters
    KayPS Shut Up and Run


    Congrats to the Red Light Runners and Your Pace or Mine? for being the only team to achieve 100% thus far.  Deadline is Wednesday noon central to get posted

    Don't call me Buttercup!

      Wow.  That is a lot of slackers.  =)

      Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 

      delicate flower

        Come on, LTH....GET OFF YOUR ASS.



        Warrior Princess

          Come on, LTH....GET OFF YOUR ASS.


          I admit to being perplexed on this one.  Is it RW?  Is it me?  Cry


          Fast Penquin

            I was having trouble logging in, maybe he was as well.

            Tick: I'm sure millions of viewers out there are just wondering what it's like to wear the tights of justice. Well, it's tingly and it's uncomfortable, but it gets the job done and, oh, the job of it.



              I admit to being perplexed on this one.  Is it RW?  Is it me?  Cry


              I'm out of the loop and have no idea what this is. But I'd like to join. How do I?

              Canadian princess


                I admit to being perplexed on this one.  Is it RW?  Is it me?  Cry


                I thought he was on vacation, but I expected to hear from him this week. Hmm?


                Drink up moho's!!

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