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If you like the site, consider supporting it. (Read 473 times)

    I've been using the log here for 3 full years.  And I've donated money occasionally, so right now, I have an ad free subscription.  I honestly don't mind paying for something that I find very useful.  I'm not sure what the ad free subscription is right now, but consider supporting the site if you choose. I kind of consider it a "like" a magazine subscription fee, but something that I'm actually getting value out of in return. 

    Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.

      An ad-free subscription here is $10/year (you can donate an additional amount if you like).   There is no big corporation like Rodale behind this site so you are helping support a fellow runner and a small business.  Smile

        Exactly!  $10 a year is a bargain!  

        Take Charge. Train Harder. Suck Less. No Excuses.


          Heck even if you think you may like it $10 is a cheap.

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            I agree and they have been very welcoming to us and no spam.  Right now rwol is getting a page of spam in  six minutes.  I timed it on the wf.  



            Space Cadet

              Done. Smile


              Not a dude

                I plan to!! I wasn't sure what I thought of it at first because there seemed to be a lot of white, but I really dig it now. I've moved my log here and the forums don't take forever to load and are easy to navigate. Smile

                  I chipped in a couple bits. I plan on sticking around, even when RWOL gets a handle on the spam. I'll probably spend more time here than there


                    I'm waiting to see if this page stays active or if most users go back to RW. If the action is here, I'll pay to go ad-free!


                      Great idea!  Thanks for mentioning it!

                      BexKix, Bagel Defender

                        Heck even if you think you may like it $10 is a cheap.



                        ^^this.  I can be a tightwad and 10/year is cheap.


                        I will pony up on payday next Friday.  The temporary layoff at work, on top of holidays, is a bit painful ATM.


                          I will probably go with the ad free option.  10/ a year is cheap and I really like the running log on this site.


                          just another runner

                            If I end up sticking around I will throw in. RWOL had a chance to step it up and didn't. Could even say they went backwards. So far I am digging RA. Will most likely follow the crowd though.

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                              ($10 is a minimum suggested donation. Feel free to give more love. Eric does so much for us all.)

                              Vegan Ang

                              Formerly sdnyc99

                                I will happily chip in $10. Even if I don't stick around for some reason, seems like something that's worthwhile enough to support.