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    So for 2013, I want to start officially logging all my miles. The problem is that I have a few different ways that I run. [i.e. with my Garmin, with my phone when I want music, on the treadmill, on the track].


    What have you found to be the best way to log your miles? Do you do it with pen & paper or electronically? Why?

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      You are in luck.. there's a training log available on this website.. Check it out at the top left..

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        I log my miles on the training log here. I manually enter information from my Garmin, or off the treadmill. I'm a terribly unorganised person, and I've found it pretty easy.


          I've just, as of today, started logging on the RA log. It seems to be pretty popular in these parts. Cool



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            I've been using the log here. I upload info directly from my Garmin.

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              I use my Garmin for every outdoor run, and manually enter any treadmill runs to Garmin Connect. Then they all get uploaded to here.

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                I use my Garmin for every outdoor run, and manually enter any treadmill runs to Garmin Connect. Then they all get uploaded to here.


                She is wise. =)   This is what I do, too.  Last year I also used pen and paper, but now I just have an excel spreadsheet that I use.  I like to have back ups, in case (God Forbid) Eric decides to take his toys and go home. LOL

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                  I use my Garmin for all my runs, simply because they all are outside. So everything is recorded on there, then when I get home, I upload them to my iPad from my Wahoo Ant+ dongle & app, then they get put on Garmin Connect. But I also write them down on a log book and put down note details about the weather, how I felt, gear issues, trail issues, etc. Things you don't usually electronically record about a run. It helps to look back and see what works and what doesn't, recognize patterns in performance, etc.


                  Garmin watch has a record.

                  Wahoo Fitness app has a record.

                  Garmin Connect has a record.

                  Runner's World paper log has a record.


                  And then I am in the Winter Miles game, 2013 in 2013 game, and on team Hillkillers for RW miles game. So those places also have total mileage numbers for my runs as well.


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                    I log in too many places, but it seems to work. I log everything on here, on endomondo, and in a paper training log.




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                      I don't use Garmin Connect...I am going to try to start using the log on here just to see how it goes, but I have a very simple app on my phone (it's just called "Running Log") that I love. I don't like having to rely on things to upload and connect to each other, I'm really old school. So I like the manual entry of Running Log.

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                        I prefer Daily Mile. I also track using an iPhone app called iRun.


                          I use and like Daily Mile. I will probably start using the log here in addition to DM but we'll see.

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                            Over the years, once I got away from a paper log, I've accumulalted 3 logs that I currently use. One is a simple Excel summary log of month by month totals with a few metrics I haven't seen in other logs like average per day and average per workout. The second is a moderately sophisticated Excel spreadsheet similar to the log here. The third is the log here. I uploaded my 2012 data from my daily log and am in the process of manually adding yearly totals to that by entering all the miles for the year on 12/31 of each year. I also keep a separate race log with overall and AG places, AG rating, and AG equivalent time.

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                              I use Training Peaks for all my workouts, that way my coach and I can analyze them and discuss them.


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                                I still use Daily Mile, but I also use RA. It's more convenient now that I can upload the data from my Garmin,

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