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Savin Rock HM RR - a little redemption (Read 81 times)

    Congrats Phil!


    Way to get back at it after that uncharacteristic race, I have faith that you'll be able to BQ in May!


      Congrats Phil. Nice comeback. It was just a matter of time. Good luck with your prep.

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      Will run for scenery.

        Arrh, that be soom fine shark booty indeed!


        Nice job facing down those demons.  About the only sage advice I ever gave was : if you want to run on hills, you've got to train on hills.  Hitting a near PR without any hill training can only mean you've got even more speed to unleash in VT city.

        Stupid feet!

        Stupid elbow!

          You continue to amaze me that you got all that speed back so quickly after the surgery. Congrats on a strong race, and good luck on the marathon!

            Great job Phil!  Sounds like things are coming together nicely.  Good luck on your marathon!


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              I think a lot of running on the mill costs you a bit of race sharpness but not necessarily overall fitness.  Once you can put in a few weeks outdoors, that sharpness returns.

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                Thanks for all the comments.  I appreciate it.


                Re: the BQ when I run my May marathon, I really don't think that's a reasonable goal.  Nothing in my training or recent races suggest I can pull off a 3:15 marathon.  I know I've still got nine weeks to train (six really, factoring in the taper), but I think 3:20-3:25 seems more realistic.  Sub-3:20 will be my A-goal, and I'll target the BQ when I run Philly in November.  I'd be thrilled to run a 3:19:59 in May.


                Unless something happens in the next six weeks that changes my mind.


                  Congrats Phil!


                  Healed Hammy

                    There is a certain runners "maturity" demonstrated in your race report that I admire.  You set out goals, understood where you were in terms of fitness, took into account the course and weather, and then tested your acumin.  Being willing to blow up to measure just how well you can race is not easy.  That involves time in the pain cave, which you said you entered.  Look at it this way, you just finished a hard workout on hills and as you recover you will be better for it.  Keep up the good work, BQ is in your sights now.


                      congrats again....the May marathon should be great!

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                        Awesome job! What a great comeback! Smile


                        P.S. I  love the medal. Big grin

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                          Nice job!  I think all races can give us an idea of where we are at in our training.  Sounds like you did great and now have a better idea of where you are at.  Good luck on the marathon!



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