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Is it possible to have crappier owner's manuals than Garmin? (Read 395 times)

    Santa just brought me the 410.  This isn't my first Garmin product and my recollection from my previous product (76 Csx) was that the owner's manual was a confusing piece of shit.  Apparently, not much has changed at Garmin.

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      Although I did download and print it, you're right, the stupid thing doesn't even cover everything the watch can do.


      I learned the most from the DC Rainmakers review (link).  And even with that, I am learning more about it on my own.  It takes a bit to get used to, but it's a fun toy!

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        I don't remember the manual to my 205, but I just gotta say, Santa was good to you, Brad!  Enjoy your new toy.

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          Don't think I've ever looked at the manual for my 610. I just poke around and try to figure it out or look at the Garmin forum. I'm sure it does things I still don't know about.

          Not if it makes sense.

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            The ones that come with the watch are so small it barely says how to turn it on.  The longer version online helps somewhat but you're right; it barely say anything of what the watch can do.  I still love my Garmin.  Enjoy yours.



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              I don't know - it seems that most any computer program has little to no manual these days. The last good manual I got with software was when I bought DOS 5.0!


              I remember when stereo receiver would come with a decent manual and a schematic diagram of the circuitry. Now, you are lucky if you get a "quick start" sheet written in broken english with a few tiny, sorry little diagrams that look nothing like the product you've bought.


              I say, Bring back the thick, comprehensive manual. Plant more trees and crank up the paper mills!

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                I have the 410 and have found that the most useful "how to" guide was


                  Who needs instructions.

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                    User's Manual? You mean they sent instructions (that runners never read) with the unit? I thought if I needed help I'd just ask the experts here.

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                      LTH- it is Garmin's way of getting back for all the times you said, "just run".


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                        LTH- it is Garmin's way of getting back for all the times you said, "just run".

                        For the win!


                          I'm going from old fashioned idiot proof stop watches to a New Balnce GPS today. The manual doesn't give getting started instructions etc. just shows how to turn it off/on/charge. There is a blurb to look further on the web where I found the same manual as a pdf. I did find a youtube commercial but the runner was clicking too fast.


                          My goal is to get time,distance, and pace, nothing else which I will figure out on the run.I will be psyched to no longer have to drive to check mileage on new runs.


                            Search for Garmin 410 review or Garmin 410 use on youtube.  Chances are, there is someone who made a video to show off their toy and tell you how all of the functions work.  You can play along, hit pause, rewind, etc. until you've got it.  I do this for anything that comes with an instruction manual, and usually I have pretty good success.

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                              I thought the manual was fine. Not overly verbose and dumbed down like what came with my car (we think you need 2 pages on how to operate the cup holders) , but not indecipherable like what came with my coffee maker (we don't want to translate a manual to multiple languages, so we'll just ship one with a bunch of pictures)

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                                I like the 410, and I liked it even more when I switched to the Velcro band. The owner's manual doesn't covers that switch, but Garmin does have a video on You Tube.