Beginners and Beyond

It's a couple of firsts happy new years DAILIES... (Read 266 times)


Not a dude

    Unless you wait 9 years and go for masters. Tongue


      those don't count


      Not a dude

        those don't count

        Tell that to the

        Masters. Wink

        Will run for scenery.

          No paragraphs on phones. I have the same problem. Smile


          If you are using Android, try using a different web browser. Some work, some don't.  I switched from Opera back to stock and it works great. Might depend on your version of android though.

          Stupid feet!

          Stupid elbow!


            scrape. - I just noticed that you finally got your period!! Hah...anyway, judging from your post on dailymile, it seems you had a decent run, if decent means leaving my slow ass in your dust. Cris - I hear you. My son takes FOREVER to eat. It drives me nuts because we have a rule that no one leaves the table until everyone is done and the other two bitch because he is so slow and they can't leave. Hah!!


            Eh, it's excruciating. Easily 60 minutes. 70 minutes is not unheard of. I had to give up on that rule. I do not think it is fair to the others and it encourages her to go on forever.