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    What does this mean?


    As I told Doug over email, I can create a plugin for the group, which would do all the data collection and tallying for you automatically.  The assumption is that everyone would log their mileage here.


    I don't know what 2013 in 2013 is, but if I have to guess, then it's running 2013 miles for each person.  This is akin to RA's mileage groups (1000km, 1000 miles, 1500 miles, 2000 miles) so I have the software for that already.


    Hi Eric,


    Actually, the "2013in2013 Club" is just a carry-over name from when it started in 2007 by another RWOL forum member.  It is an individual performance Club with teams created in order to help motivate folks to meet their annual goals.  Individuals may set any number of miles as a goal; they don't have to have 2013 miles.  Individuals may request not to be on a team.


    Typically, registration runs for about six weeks (until mid-December), then teams are created as equally as possible (number of members, total miles, balance of vets/new members). 


    Each week, members are given several days to post their miles for the previous week(s), with posting running from Sunday to Wednesday at Noon. 


    The admin(s) collect the posted data by saving HTML pages into text format and then import that data using VBA macros into an Excel workbook.  Once the data is scrubbed (mostly automated), the results - both individual and team - are generated in HTML (see PeachY1 's earlier post in this thread).  Usually results can be posted within an hour of the deadline; it's pretty fast.


    However, if an API form could be set up with some password security to ensure that  a user can only post their own miles, that would be great!  All that would be needed would be for a simple export utility for the Club Admin(s) to import the form data into the Excel workbook/database.


    I'm really excited to hear your desire to help out, Eric. 




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      I definitely want to participate this year so wherever we decide "home base" for the game is, I'll deal with.  

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        all I am hearing is positive aspects of moving the game here......just throwing it out there

        The first step is to get up off the couch!


          Doug sent me a copy of the Excel spreadsheet you guys use.  It's pretty elaborate.  I don't know if you want it to be fully integrated into RA and thus fully automated.  Since RA has a running log, the easiest thing to do is to pull the data from the training log.  Have them record their workouts into their logs, and then once a week, their previous week's data will be tabulated to produce the result.


          The management part would probably be the most complicated.  There needs to be a way for the admins to assign participants to teams.  Once that's done, the whole thing should run itself.  So, that's my take on the whole thing.  Please let me know if I missed something critical.  I will need a commitment from you before I will move forward on this because it's not a trivial effort.  I don't want to create something that ends up not being used.


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            Heresy!  We wouldn't have to check in and post our miles once a week?  No sending PM's and e-mails to people who forget to post?  Where is the personal responsibility!  Where is the need for Damaris and her whip!  How can we have the 10% bonus for 100% posting??


            All of this said with tongue firmly planted in cheek, of course ...

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