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It's Wednesday - Who let the Penguins out? (Read 216 times)

Wandering Wally

    Kristi - Night running is pretty awesome. Especially on clear nights. Really though, at this time of year it's dark no matter when I run. I make a game out of picking out constellations to pass the time as I run.

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      Awood- Thanks for sharing your story about the lights.  I am sure they have brought a lot of joy to people over the years.


      D2- I'm looking at a possible NYE race, too.  The one I'm looking at has a 5K and a 10K at 11:59 PM and/or 10 AM on the 1st.  There are special prizes if you do both races.  Unfortunately it's about an hour away so I can't see sticking around for both without a place to stay down there.


      AFM, 5.9 not too terribly inspired miles done tonight.