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Since Chloey brought up boots... (Read 393 times)

Little Blue

    The boots in the OP make my feet hurt just looking at them.  This is what I spend most of my days in, besides my Asics:



    Hmmm, that didn't work.  Off to read the instructions again.



    I give up.  They're steel toed work boots from Tractor Supply.  Sexy, huh? Blush

    not lazy, just tired

      Currently my favorite boots:



      Baboon, you think the same way I do. I want to post a pic of my new babies, but they're in Vermont and I'm not. Sad

      Not if it makes sense.


      Barking Mad To Run

        No kick-butt boots for me. I don't think I'm agile enough to walk in them things. Big grin


        I'm more of a hiking boot type myself most of the time. (my poor DD was having a hard time that day keeping up with old mom... :-))



        Gee, Lily, I didn't even notice your boots...  Big grin  Wink

        "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


        Fatty McFatFat

          Not as fancy as Kay's, but I like 'em....



            Love them!!!


            Not as fancy as Kay's, but I like 'em....


            Do you even run?

              DW has 4 pairs of Ugs if that counts LOL.