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    I am considering trying a Ryan Hall program for my next HM. To those of you who have used one, how did you like it? Likes and dislikes?  It seems different because many of the runs, for example, are something like "45 minutes aerobic pace" or "90 minutes easy pace."  Is this just a different way of saying "10 miles at a 9:00 pace?" Is there less emphasis on mileage? Perhaps I am over thinking it...

      Jack, I used it for my last half using the short plan. I am currently using it for my February 17th half, but this time using the long plan. The last cycle, I took the XT days completely off other than some stretching. This cycle I am running the 30-45 minutes. I think the emphasis is on the quality workouts, ie doing 3/week. On the last cycle 3/wk was too much for me, but my half improved about 7:00 minutes. For this cycle, I hope to cut another 7:00 minutes or more. I feel as though I am much stronger and smarter this time. One other thing I will look to modify, is maybe replacing one of the quality WO's with a MLR(8-9 miles), or do a hill workout, it's still a quality WO, just not as prescribed.

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        I used it for my Half (Short Program) and it was really tough but my half was pretty easy (1:49:59, first half)  The hardest part was choosing paces.  I programmed everything into the Garmin which made for less thinking out running.  I only ran once or twice on the XT days.  I plan on using it agin for my half later next year. 

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          I've used it, too, and PR'd with it in SF.


          I seem to remember there was a key somewhere that helped you define the training paces based on your goal pace. It was 2 years ago, so I could be mis-remembering.


          And yes, it was tough, but most people who FOLLOW THE PROGRAM will find success with it.

            Jack, I used the Ryan Hall 10 week plan from runners world ( It has the distance and paces more specific). I ran 5 days a week, lost 1 week in middle due to injuries and plan to do it again in spring. For me I took 1 minute of 10K pr and 4 days later took 1 minute off 5K time, all during highest training week of 39 miles. For my half I ran a flat half in early September in 1:58Tight lippedx and felt like shit! Did plan and on dec 9th I ran a hilly half in 1:53:39! Feel like I could have been lot faster on flat course and sub 1:50 would have been no problem. Good luck and happy running Jack!

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              I ran the short program for my first half.  Loved it. Personally I needed a mix of workouts and it didn't disappoint. I felt bulletproof after the race sims. 


              If it said to run by time or miles, I did as it stated.  If I would have followed the program more closely it would have been fine on overall mileage I believe.



                can someone post a link? I'd like to check out plan.

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                  can someone post a link? I'd like to check out plan.


                  See this thread, post #4.

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                    can someone post a link? I'd like to check out plan.


                    The one I saw and might try is here.


                    Thanks for the information, everyone. I will probably try it. I don't know if I will PR because the course is very hilly. For those of you who know San Diego, it is the La Jolla HM.


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                      I've used it 2x and both times ran the pace of the short program while using the more abbreviated recovery periods of the long plan.  Both times I wound up finishing 2-3 minutes faster than my goal, and the 2nd time I was shooting for a goal that would have been a 2-minute PR (Goal was 1:43, ran 1:40:10).  Both times I also had a couple of tempo workouts in the middle of the plan where I wound up blowing up, but it never happened 2 workouts in a row, so I didn't put too much stock in the tough days.  Those happen.  I also did some of the longer slow runs on hilly courses and didn't worry about pace on those runs, just effort.


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                        I used the plan for my HM in October.
                        Do not make mistake that I made. Do not run your tempo and interval runs faster then the plan suggests. I pushed too much and 2 weeks before the HM I got tired and could not keep up with the plan. So I had to cut milage in the second last week.

                        You can see my runs during those 10 weeks, starting August 6th and ending October 14th. There is the race report too.

                        I will be using it again in the fall for the same HM.

                          The Ryan Hall plan is one of the better plans I have seen.  As always though, it is critical to be flexible.  Don't try to crank a particular pace on a given day if your body isn't up for it.  

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                            My problem is that I do not have a heart monitor and I don't plan on getting one. Most or all of the workouts are based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate.  At this point, I am comfortable with my easy pace and know how it should feel. Should I base my runs on this? Is guessing on the tempo and interval runs good enough?


                            Thanks, you guys.