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Heritage to Hatzic 10k RR (Read 60 times)

    Congrats on the PR! That's a dang fast time.

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      What an awesome race and congrats on the PR and OA place! That's sounds tough to have the 5k start at the same time as your race ... makes it way too easy to get caught up in the pack and burn it in the first mile.Nice photos as well ... in my few races I'm lucky to have one or two where you can actually see me.

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        Wow, congratulations B+, blazing fast! If I could run at that pace, I would let my feet strike wherever they wanted to. 


        LRB - there's your solution to getting tangled up in the masses at the start - run in a race of 100 instead of 1000!




          LRB - there's your solution to getting tangled up in the masses at the start - run in a race of 100 instead of 1000!


          I plan on it, soon.  Cool

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            Thanks Kristin, Fuzzy, Bruce, and Dave.


            LRB - I found 100 runners a bit too sparse, as I ran alone pretty much for the last 9.5 km. Either way, I'm sure you'll rock it.


            Go figure

              Very nice PR!  I hate when Garmin goes to sleep at the start.  I've had that happen enough that I always watch it now, but that's so annoying.  That's very tough that you started a 10k with 5k runners next to you, and I can see how you'd be tempted to go out too quickly.  It doesn't look like you got sucked in too badly though.  Bummer about the missed turn mid seems like that happens way too often to all of us on here.


              Overall, great race, and congrats on the high finish.  I think you're analysis was right, it probably about deciding to just go with the leaders or running your own race if you don't.  That's a hard decision to make, but kinda fun too.

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                Dang!  You're darn fast to begin with.  To have a PR of that amount, when you're already that fast is awesome.  Regardless of what type of foot strike you've got, you're movin'!


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