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Baton Rouge Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving - my first race - Revised to include chip time (Read 109 times)


    I decided to repost over on this site.  Happy to not see any spam!  I ran my first race yesterday, Thanksgiving morning. It was a 5k.


    Short version...36:34 and 11:28 mm pace. It was fun!  Made my goal of below 38.  Chip time was 36:30. 


    Placements - I'm shocked here! 

    764/1108 be expected

    377/629 Women - Shocking...I'm not even close to last!

    27/59  AG - 50-59 - Really shocking!  I'm in the top 50%!!!  46% to be exact!  I didn't expect that!


    Long version...After visiting Wed. night at my dad and stepmom's, I only ended up getting about 5 hours sleep. I got up at 6:40, woke my daughter, ate some fruit, and headed out to the State Capitol. We got there about 6:30 and it was pretty empty and quiet. We picked up our bibs and t shirt (a cute one!) and went back to the car so we wouldn't freeze. It was about 50 and we were racing in capris. It would be about 55 at race time, 8:00. We hung out in the car till the 1 milers were racing. We watched them take off. About 7:30, I warmed up by running about half a mile.


    A little before 8, we lined up. No real order to it. I thought my daughter was too close to the front for me, so I moved about halfway back. It wasn't too big a deal because lots of racers had their elementary and jr high aged kids with them. Thus was definitely a family event!  Lots of people had their dogs.  Saw a turkey and a pilgrim. Saw some people in wheelchairs (who were faster than me). 

    They count down and we're off!  It was a pack of people. Before I knew it, I was running across the start mat and going how fast?  OMG, I don't run this fast!  Is my Nike plus app messed up. What the heck?  It says 9:07. Now it says 8:57!  I better slow the heck down!!!  At .25 miles, I had been running about 2:10. I got on a sidewalk and moved away from the pack. I settled in at about 10:30-11:28 and couldn't find my best pace, but I felt amazing! This was fun!!!  Mile 1 pace, 11:03


    Now we are heading straight for the Capitol and it looks really cool!  Maybe I'll talke a picture!  I tool a picture while at a 10 mm pace of the runners and the Capitol building!!  In mile 2, I settled in at around upper 11. We went up a slight long hill and then around the Capitol. I'm getting tired from running so fast (for me!). I am determined to keep my pace below 12. Can I really do this?  I ended up at 11:49 for mile 2. I just concentrated on staying below 12.  Very happy that I stayed below 12. I've never run this fast before!

    Mile 3 - Feeling sort of tired and legs feel heavy. I am determined to finish strong. I stayed under 12 and at 3:50 miles tried to give it my all. Caught my breath and pushed on. Mile 3 pace 11:40. 


    Last .1 shows as .19 on nikeplus. It took me 2:02, so total nikeplus time, 36:34. Don't have chip time posted yet. My goal was below 38 and I was 1:26 below it. I never thought I could go that fast!  I bet I could run 5 miles in an hour. Wh knew?  I thought that was months was!

    My 21 year old daughter, who has probably run about 10-15 miles a week, maybe, and that for only the last month (she was in a boot for peroneal tendinitis from diving until about a month ago) kicked her goal. She did it in 28. 


    I can't believe my half marathon is 2 weeks away! 


    Melissa (pictures when I figure out how to post them)


      Congratulations on a well-run race and thanks for a great RR!  


      Good luck on the half!


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        Nice job Melissa . Glad to see you beat your goal and took a picture on the run!

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          Congrats on your first!



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            Congratulations on beating your goal time! extra happy

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              Melissa, that's great!  So glad you were able to surprise yourself with how well you can do it.  They say we always are racing ourselves, looks like you're a winner.   Congratulations to you and your fast daughter!  Good luck to you in your upcoming half!


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                Great job! Smile


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                  Grats!  There's something special about the first race.  You will always remember it fondly.








                    I ran my first race yesterday, Thanksgiving morning. It was a 5k.


                    Short version...36:34 and 11:28 mm pace. It was fun!  Made my goal of below 38.  Chip time was 36:30. 



                    Awesome job of completing your FIRST 5k and busting your goal! Big grin

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