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November goals thread (Read 158 times)

    Here's a link to the November goals thread.  How did you do?

      1. Run at least 100 miles for the month


      Done.  105 miles for my second 100+ mile month.

      2. Race Turkey Trot 5K or register for a race in Dec.


      Partially.  I seem to have gotten ambitious and registered for a spring half instead.  I do have a Dec. 5K picked out, just haven't registered yet since the price doesn't go up and the month is busy.

      3. Add at least some speedwork if I don't race


      Oops, didn't get to that yet.  Instead I went for adding a 5th day running.  I did do 5.5 at what might be my goal HMP, so that's kind of a start, right?


      Wickedly Average

        OK, here were my goals for November, and my disposition on each.....


        1. Remain injury-free (as always)


        No significant injuries.

        2. Run my first HM (A goal: <2:00, B goal <2:05)


        Broke my "A" goal at 1:59:11! Very happy with that, especially since it's my first HM

        3. Probably 80-100 miles this month, considering my taper and recovery for the 11/10 HM.


        I'm at 101 for the month, not including today. May get a few more, maybe not.

        4. Continue hill training, and perhaps increase the amount of hill runs towards the end of the month.


        I've got a couple of hill runs in, and I intended to do one this week. Maybe today after I get up.

        5. Take about a week of rest after the HM, then ease back into running.


        More or less, that's what I did. I didn't really take a whole week off, but I took it very easy the first few days afterward.

        Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

        5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

          My goal was to establish a goal for December - Done

            1. 200+ miles again 


            Done 210.9 miles

            2. 50+ miles every week


            Had a couple of weeks where I didn't hit the mark, but the other two weeks were 60+, so it worked out in the end

            3. 20 mile long run


            Done, 20 miles in 2:45, it was a great run, looking forward to my next one.

            4. Make it through Thanksgiving and still be in the 180s


            Done, 186lbs.  Still slacking tho, next goal is to get under 185 and stay there.

            5. Remain injury free


            Done, crossed over the 1,000 mile mark this month with zero injuries.  Gonna try to keep that streak going for as long as possible. Smile


            My running blog

            Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!

            delicate flower

              Zelanie, I am impressed that you were able to find the original thread amongst the sea of spam!  Big grin


              I had a great month!  My only goals were to run 200 miles and stay healthy: 


              Tonight's run will put me around 245 for the month, which is a 30 mile PR month.  Very happy about that.  I also smashed my most elevation gain in one month.  I didn't try to do that, but it happened naturally as I've done most of my runs out my front door and I have to run uphill for two miles to get home no matter what route I take.  That will serve me well when I run two hilly HM's early next year. 


              This week will be my 5th 50+ mile week in a row, which is a personal best. 


              I did my first true trail race in November (8K) and rocked it at 7:48 pace. 


              Finally, I passed 2,000 miles for the year in November.


              I managed to stay healthy.  'Twas a good month. 


                Zelanie, I am impressed that you were able to find the original thread amongst the sea of spam!  Big grin


                It was a lucky search. Smile


                Chief Unicorn Officer

                  Without going through the whole thread, I believe my goal was to beat my time and place in my local favorite thanksgiving race, a 9 miler. Last year I ran 1:07:10 and got 47th female out of about 700 and 332 overall. This year I ran 1:03:51 and got 26/655 females and placed overall 228/1615. YAY!

                  Mile 5:49 - 5K 19:58 - 10K 43:06 - HM 1:36:54


                    Here's how I did compared to goals:


                    1.   Increase miles per week - Nope, didn't make this one.   Started off well at the beginning of the month and then life and injury happened.   :-(
                    2.   Stay focused on 12/9 HM training - Yes and no.  Very focused on it, but not able to train as I had hoped in the last week or so.
                    3.   Santa Scurry 5K with Co-workers on 11/30 - it's my first night race! - Yes!  This is tonight's race, and while I can't go all out because of the knee, I am going to run it and enjoy it!

                    But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


                    Proud Calgarian

                      Wow, it took me a while to find my goals...but this is what I had.


                      Wow, it's the end of the season and I don't know which goals to choose myself...there's a HM coming up on 11/11 but it's also likely to be snowy-cold conditions (high of 30, low of 10) so all bets are off in terms of time. With that in mind and knowing that this race is essentially it until late March 2013, here are my November goals:

                      - beat my rival Mark in the Last Chance Half Marathon (Nov 11/12)

                      **BUZZ** - Nope. I might have come in 11th place though my time TOTALLY SUCKED (1:27:02) and I found out that Mark actually goes faster in snow than he does in the summer. So who knew? If I do another race in snow though, I'm definitely going to need grippier-shoes: K3's slide all over the place! Shocked

                      - run lots of miles

                      **DING** - I guess I could do better, but I'm probably going to end up right around the 330 mark for the month. That's not bad, right?

                      - mix up my training

                      I started to do a lot more strength training classes in November and it has both good and bad effects: on the plus side, I do feel like I'm getting some more short-speed; on the NEGATIVE side, I think extra muscle has been the culprit to my extra weight. While my clothes still fit as good as they did before, I'm going to want to make sure I don't get up there as those extra pounds will have an effect on a marathon time IMO.



                      Here's to a good December of running, hopefully I can pump out another 300+ mile month and get a good base in preparation of next year!

                      2015 Goals and PRs:

                      5k - 17:59 (18:05);  10k - 35:59 (36:42);   HM - 1:19:19 (1:19:59);   FM - 2:49:59 (3:05:46)


                      5K Specialist

                        I didn't write any goals down, but I had some in head.


                        Run healthy - Yes.

                        PR in my 5k. No. I missed by 3 seconds but there was 20 MPH winds.

                        Increase mileage - Yes. 87.07 in November vs. 85.85 in October. I am happy. The month was one day shorter. I lost one run due to Thanksgiving. I lost a run this week because I race on the first.


                        My overall pace increased this month. 8:05 average pace vs. 8:08 last month. I had 5 runs of 6 or more miles this month with two 7 miles runs. I would call it a great month for me.

                        Personal Bests:

                        800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)

                        delicate flower

                          **BUZZ** - Nope. I might have come in 11th place though my time TOTALLY SUCKED (1:27:02)...





                          Not a dude

                            I guess I didn't post anything on the November thread. My mileage for the month was sucktastic, so I would have failed that goal. BUT I finished my first half marathon within my goal time AND I PR'd in a 5k just a week later. Despite the crappy mileage, I would say November was pretty much a success. Smile


                            Proud Calgarian



                              Ok, for ME, that time totally sucked when my rival Mark pulled out a 1:24 and was pointing and chuckling by the time I came in that day....I think in warmer temperatures on a course with no snow and ice, I could pull out a HM PR right now, but I'm not going to get that opportunity until April or May unfortunately. Until then, it's a lot of running and reflection on what I can do better.


                              It is amazing what 1 year makes though:


                              In December 2011, I set an ambitious HM goal of 1:35 in 2012.

                              In March 2012, I re-set that HM goal to 1:30.

                              In April 2012, I recorded a 1:28 on a hilly course and was pleased.

                              In May 2012, I got a 1:24 and was eccstatic.

                              In July 2012, I got a 1:26 without tapering. (7 races in 8 weeks)

                              In September 2012, I got a 1:31 running a HM at MP. (in preparation for Victoria)

                              In November 2012, I got a 1:27 and now say that time totally sucks.


                              I wonder if I'll have the same kind of 2013? Maybe next year I'll be saying 1:22 sucks? Roll eyes

                              2015 Goals and PRs:

                              5k - 17:59 (18:05);  10k - 35:59 (36:42);   HM - 1:19:19 (1:19:59);   FM - 2:49:59 (3:05:46)


                                November goals:


                                1.  Maintain my weight loss.  Maybe get under 200 lbs for the first time ever.

                                2.  Go to a podiatrist and see if I can get my left foot healthy.  It's been an issue since June.

                                3.  Get healthy and start building a base before starting training for Eugene (in April).

                                4.  Don't get hurt.

                                5.  If number 2 works, do a fun run Turkey Trot.




                                1.  Well, got down to my lowest point, then bounced.  I'm still 205 ish


                                2,  Went to a podiatrist who said "wow, you really do have high arches." He's a runner and works with runners, and is well connected in the running community.  Sent me to a second podiatrist for castings and othotics.  She said "Wow.  You have really high arches."  She also showed me how to build up the arches on my Spenco inserts.  I've been running pain free since.  Orthotics are on order.


                                3.  Started building a base.  Got my fingers crossed, but 8 more miles puts me at 50 for the week.  Got a ways to go but it's a start.


                                4,  Still don't want to get hurt.


                                5.  Bagged the turkey trot idea and had turkey dinner with my 95 year old father.  It was a very easy choice to make.