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OK5K RR, 1st place AG (Read 101 times)

    Once again, no pictures, until they post them up to the fb page. Smile


    Short version:  Took 1st place in my AG with a 20:09 on a slick cross country course.


    Long version:


    Last year I decided to change my life, I was going to lose weight and get healthy.  After dropping 40lbs from changing my diet, I decided it was time to start exercising.  While I absolutely hated running when I was in the Navy, I knew it would be good exercise, so in April I started running.  I started with a two mile loop in my neighborhood that I had to walk/run for a while before I could run the whole thing without stopping, but I kept at it.  When I had finally worked my way up to 3 miles and was actually starting to enjoy it, I decided I should sign up for a 5k.  I found the next one in my area and signed up, turned out it was the OK5K to benefit Eggleston, a local group that helps the disabled.  I had no idea it was a cross country race, all of my running so far was on the road, so it was an interesting experience.  My goal was to run it in under 30 minutes, I finished in 25:45 and had a blast!


    Yesterday was my second running of the OK5K, we'll call it my raciversary. Smile  What a difference a year can make.  At my first race, I had no clue what I was doing, but still had a great time.  This time around I was a confident racer lining up towards the front.  Tropical storm Andrea had rolled through the day before, leaving everything wet and muddy, and the air feeling like a sauna, should be fun.  I was dripping with sweat just from my warmup.


    Mile 1:  Nice smooth start, no congestion, able to easily get on pace.  Right off the bat I can tell that I'm going to have some traction issues on the wet grass, standard racing flats probably weren't the best choice for these conditions.  Note for next year, get some trail shoes or spikes.  I'm able to resist going out too fast, something that I've been working on, and focus on just getting on pace.  My goal for the race was to try not to focus on my Garmin, but go more by feel.  Passed one person.  6:15 for the first mile, not as fast as I was hoping for, but the heat and slick course were making it tough, but effort wise, I felt I was running a good race.


    Mile 2:  Could definitely feel the heat/humidity taking it's toll, felt the pace dropping off, but kept pushing as best as I could.  Could also tell I was losing some time on the trail sections due to the mud.  I didn't care about getting dirty, but it was very slick and I didn't want to wipe out completely, so I was trying to tread carefully, well, as carefully as you can while trying to run as fast as you can. lol  Passed another person. 7:02 for the second mile.


    Mile 3:  After seeing how much the pace dropped off for mile 2, I tried to pick it up for mile 3, but I think that was all my body was going to give me.  It's tough when it feels like the air is more water than oxygen. Smile  Got passed by two people (but at least not the people I had already passed), so I figure I broke even on the passing/getting passed.  6:53 for the 3rd mile.


    .1:  The course is interesting in the that first/last section is a long straight stretch, probably a half mile long, so when you're coming back to the finish you almost want to start kicking as soon as you see it, but then you realize that it's not as close as you think.   I held off a lil bit on my kick, then targeted the guy in front of me and tried to run him down.  I didn't catch him, but I closed the gap considerably and felt I had a good kick.  I didn't have a lot left in the tank, which is good, that tells me that I ran a good race and left it out on the course.


    I took 1st place in my age group and placed 14th overall out of 317 runners.  What's funny is that last year I was 14th in my age group. Smile  All in all it was a good race, love the course, and I'm very happy with my progress over the last year.  Looking forward to seeing what another year of training will bring. Big grin


    On another note, in my last few races, I've had some struggles with mental toughness, but I think that's getting better.  I feel like I was able to really push myself in this race, and that I was only limited by the weather and the course, which is good.


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      Non-PR races help us get through those mental hurdles, so I"m glad it's helping.  Congrats on another well run race and on your AG placement!



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      It's always fucking hot in Miami!

        Well done Dave and congrats on your racivesary!

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          I hope you're happy with your progress.  Man, you've definitely made some incredible physical changes, and the speed that you've gained is amazing.  Keep it up.


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            WTG Dave!   Congratulations on the AG win.  That;s a fast cross country time for sure.  Glad you're able to see your progress and had such a good time at this race.


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              Nice job Dave! That is a great improvement in just one year.

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                That's a great time for a trail race.  Have you done others?  Happy Raciversary!


                  Congrats on another great race!  Haven't been at this long and you're already a pro!  Your progress has been fun to watchSmile




                    Nice AG win!

                    Huge improvement in such a short time.


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                      Great job! What an improvement!

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                        I took 1st place in my age group and placed 14th overall out of 317 runners.  What's funny is that last year I was 14th in my age group.


                        And next year, you will win the race by 14 seconds!


                        Nice story Dave, the faster you run on a given day or at a given time, the more intense the mental demons.  I have just recently come to terms with this as well.


                        Good job on the acknowledgment of that, it will help you moving forward.  It doesn't make it easier, but being aware of it is important.

                          Great race, Dave.


                          I love that you've made such huge improvements in a relatively short time.  Excellent job.

                          Will run for scenery.

                            Good job D2.  You seem to just keep on gettin' it done!

                            Stupid feet!

                            Stupid elbow!

                              I almost didn't recognize you out there initially!   Had the Tidewater Strider singlet on and everything :-)    That mud and also the humidity did indeed make it rougher than a normal race.   I too felt like I had the feeling of 'breathing in water", very hard to perform to peak in those kind of humid conditions.


                              Great result in almost breaking 20:00 in those tough conditions!  Looks like a new PR may fall at the next 5K you do :-)

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                                congrats on another great race and winning your AG! Your story continues, D2, long may you run man.