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If anyone is stranded in Boston..... (Read 189 times)


    Your offer to help made me cry like a baby. It also helps restore my faith in humanity. Thank you.

      yeah ur one of my peeps beach runner


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        I just wanted to say that you're awesome for putting this offer out there.

        In the words of my late-coach : Just hang in there, relax... and at the end of a race anyone you see.....just pass them

          BeachRunner3234 and RSX, you two are amazing.

          Dr. Cornsitter

            Your offer to help made me cry like a baby. It also helps restore my faith in humanity. Thank you.


            Everything about this day is making me cry.


            I was supposed to be at the finish line with my son. His father works at the Prudential Center and was scheduled to be there at 3:00pm. I had planned on being at the finish line and then meeting him at work so our son could see him. We got into a disagreement over the weekend and I decided to stay on Cape instead of heading into the city. We couldn't find him for over an hour. He hadn't arrived to work when I called them at 3:30. I was terrified. I was scared that he had swung by the finish line before heading into work. It's just something he would've done if he had a few extra minutes. My sister's husband was also in the city at the Sox game and we couldn't locate him. The panic that consumed my family was horrific but still not a shadow of what those who were there were feeling. When we finally located my son's father after 4:00pm, I finally stopped shaking and started crying. I haven't really stopped since. I had friends and family less than 50yds from the explosions. All are safe and accounted for, however.


            I think we are all starting to formulate ways to come together and face the challaenges ahead with resolve and strength we didn't know we were capable of. I'm still scared. And I'm still worried, but I am so happy I have this community and my family to rally with.

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            So I'm currently sitting with a bag of frozen corn in my ass.