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What race are you looking forward to the most this year? (Read 107 times)

    I'm only signed up for two official races this year.  (I have monthly races with my running club). I think I'm looking forward to both of them for different reasons.


    The Georgetown half in August. It will be my first attempt at a half since my sub 2 pr last May. After which I got injured. I'm hoping to at least match my performance if not exceed it.


    And the Denver RnR in October. My first marathon if my health holds up.

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      I've got nothing on the calendar after my first HM in April, so that would probably be the one.  But there is a 5K in May that would be my 3rd annual.  The first year I had just started losing weight and was so proud that I walked it in an hour.  Last year it was my second 5K that I ran and I was so proud to run a 31:46.  This year?  I'm still probably not fast enough for an AG placement, but I'd be a lot closer to one!  So now that you mention it, it would be fun to run that one again.

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        The one race I'm looking forward toward is the "Running With The Bears" HM in Greenville, CA. It's a very small town in the Cascades of Northern California and they limit it to 300 participants. Afterward, the town throws a BBQ for the runners and it looks like a lot of fun. I'm taking a week off and we're taking the travel trailer there to "camp" at the local campground and then I'm taking Marina to Lassen Nat'l Park as she's never been there.


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          Wow, didn't even see Kris' thread. Lol


          I have to say, very envious of the overseas destination racers, that would be a lot of fun.


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            I'm looking forward most to the Fall North Coast 24 12-hour Race. It will be my first ultra and a venture into the unknown. It's at the opposite end of the running spectrum from my normal distances of 800m to 5K.

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              I'm looking forward to the local 5K races that are held weekly at a beautiful reservoir. The camaraderie there is great and its so nice to run around the reservoir.

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                Wow, didn't even see Kris' thread. Lol 

                I didn't either so you're good.


                While I plan on having a blast running my ass off this spring and summer, all points lead to Detroit on 10.23.13.

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                  A local 5k that the wife and I have done a few times together.  She wasn't that into running, but she was a good sport and did it with me in 2010 and 2011.  We were signed up to do it again in the fall of 2012, and two days before the race she was diagnosed with MS, so we bailed to deal with that, both on the physical end and the emotional fall out.


                  To her credit, my wife is determined to not let MS run her life, and she has been running like a mad woman as of late.  We are signed up, good to go and I am just waiting for the beatdown she is going to put on me!

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                    To her credit, my wife is determined to not let MS run her life, and she has been running like a mad woman as of late.  We are signed up, good to go and I am just waiting for the beatdown she is going to put on me!

                    There is a lady in our town who was a runner prior to being diagnosed with MS. It has progessed over the

                    last 5 years and she runs with a bit of a "stitch" and lean to one side. I am inspired every time I cross her

                    path while out on a run.

                      Detroit Half Marathon. If I can sub 2 hours, that would be sweet.


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                        I am planning three half marathons later this year.  I'll just be happy if I can participate and cover the distance.



                          I would have to say the Hell's Hills trail HM.  It's sort of a first step for me in the direction of longer trail races, and that's an exciting thought.








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                            Hrmm, I don't know which one I am looking forward to the most. I'm really excited for Disney Princess Half because it should be a ton of fun. I'm also looking forward to Shamrock because I'll be going down with friends, I get to see some family and I know there's a ton of you at that one Smile




                              I'm really looking forward to the NYC Half next month.  I don't have a goal time just yet, but can't wait to run through Times Square Smile I'm also excited to run some races in the Fall that I did last year, and compare my times.

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                                Wow, didn't even see Kris' thread. Lol


                                ..And I hadn't seen yours till now!  I suppose we think alike and looking forward to the spring.


                                As posted in other thread, I am looking forward to SHAMROCK in March and greatly improving my marathon time :-)

                                Also April 2013 the Run for Cancer 24-Hour race, just to see how much I can do.  (Goal is 75+ Miles).   Boy, 75 miles in a day... that is really going to skew my 'daily mileage' graph and make my 2 mile days look invisible on the bottom of the chart, lol

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