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Highway to Health 5k RR - Podium and AG Win (Read 43 times)

Trail Monster

    After the Laurel Highlands Ultra relay yesterday (where I ran 24.5 miles of brutal, technical trail) my plan was to rest, nap, hydrate, eat, and pretty much do nothing today. I had gotten home somewhere around 1am and by the time I showered and crawled into bed it was nearly 2. I woke up to Shane getting ready for a local 5k at around 6:30 and rolled right back over. About an hour later my phone wouldn't stop ringing and I finally gave in and answered.



    Shane begged me to come down to the Alpha Fitness Highway to Healthy 5k. There were only 20-some people there and he thought I could win. I told him he was nuts since I already had major mileage on my legs from the All Stars Week mileage game. I was just ready to go back to bed when the little voice in the back of my mind said, "Three more miles could only help your miles game team. You don't have to race."



    So I threw on some clothes and my trusty Altra Torins. I didn't have time to do anything with my hair so I added a hat as well. No phone, keys, water, or anything besides my cup of coffee. I walked out the door and jogged down to the path. I found Shane and we got me registered. I drank my coffee and fretted about the burning scrapes on my leg from yesterday's relay tumble and the aches I've already accumulated this week.



    The race started a few minutes late and I lined up right up front. So much for not racing huh? I know from past experience that sometimes just showing up is enough to win in a small race. So I went for it. The horn sounded and I took off with the front pack. There were two men and a woman just in front of me. The men were pulling away but the woman was running my pace. I pulled up shoulder to shoulder with her and just hoped to hang on.



    Mile 1: 7:50



    As we approached the turn around I could feel the fatigue of all the heavy mileage settling in. It didn't seem to matter how hard I pushed or how fast I turned over my legs. There was just no power left in my toe off and my pace began to slip. I high-fived my husband, who was leading, and then turned back toward the start. I saw the third woman was about a minute behind me and that gave me enough of a rush to keep moving despite slowly losing the lead woman.



    Mile 2: 8:30



    In the third mile I would have walked if our friend, Jennifer, hadn't been in third place and gaining on me. I kept glancing over my shoulder and she would be a little closer every time. The jolt of adrenaline would improve my pace for a moment and then my body would begin to shut down again. I told myself I just had to hang on for second place. I would never forgive myself if I let Jennifer catch me now.



    Mile 3: 8:50



    I saw the finish line ahead and I took one more glance over my shoulder. Jennifer was only 20 or so seconds back now so I pushed as best as I could. That ended up being 8:30 pace for the last .13 miles but it was just enough. Jennifer finished 8 seconds behind me.



    Final time: 26:21



    5th overall, 2nd woman, 1st in the 20-29 age group. I also won a gift card for a manicure and pedicure in the chinese auction. They only give awards for the 1st overalls and the first in each age group so I got a smaller trophy for my age group win. Shane won overall and got a huge trophy!



    Just goes to show it's all about who shows up!



    Our friends

    (Shane and Emory in the back. Me, Jennifer, Lukas, Melanie, and Carina in the front.)



    Got trophy?




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    Bad Ass

      Great job, especially after a high mile day on a high mile week!



      "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

      It's always fucking hot in Miami!






        Will run for scenery.

          Cool beans.  Nicely done!

          Stupid feet!

          Stupid elbow!

            Congrats on the AG win!




              Congrats to you and Shane.


              Way to stay ahead of Jennifer even with all that high-mileage fatigue.


                Great job on the AG win, especially after running all those miles this and yesterday!  Nice trophy!

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                Smaller By The Day

                  That is insane.  Congratulations on the AG win, and the OA place, but with the week you had WOW!  That's just nutty.


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                    Great job! Congrats on the AG win!

                    Trail Monster

                      Thanks all! And now that its Monday I can finally say it.... I had 80 miles for the week! Woohoo! That's my highest non-ultra week ever! Smile

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                        That's a great performance on tired legs.  Congratulations!

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